In the pursuit of success, one often finds solace in achievements and financial gains. However, a deeper perspective suggests that true understanding lies in acknowledging a higher power that governs our existence.

The Illusion of Pride

Achievements and wealth may bring a sense of pride, but recognizing that God controls everything challenges the notion of personal accomplishments. Understanding this truth leads to a profound shift in perspective.

Dissolving the Notion of “Self”

In the grand scheme of things, the concept of an individual “self” diminishes as we grasp the interconnectedness of all existence. This realization highlights the transient nature of our lives and encourages a humble approach to our place in the universe.

Living Amidst Illusion

While the world around us may seem real, embracing the wisdom that life is an illusion prompts us to navigate our journey with a discerning eye. This insight invites us to live authentically within the illusion while striving for a higher purpose.

The Purpose of Life

Contrary to the illusionary nature of the world, life holds a destined purpose. Understanding this purpose instills a sense of direction, urging us to live meaningfully until the inevitable moment when we attain liberation (moksha).

Money as a Tool

The age-old question of whether money is a boon or curse finds clarity in its utilization. Money, when viewed as a tool, becomes a means to convert blessings by engaging in altruistic deeds. This realization transforms wealth into a force for positive change.

Balancing Materialism and Spirituality

Living in a materialized world necessitates earning money. However, the key lies in finding a balance – using material resources wisely while aligning actions with spiritual principles. This delicate equilibrium fosters a harmonious coexistence between the material and spiritual realms.


Incorporating spiritual wisdom into our lives offers a profound perspective shift. Beyond the illusions of achievements and wealth, understanding our interconnectedness and utilizing resources for the greater good becomes the path to a purposeful and fulfilling existence.