Earning money is an essential aspect of our lives. It provides us with the means to live comfortably, support our families, and achieve our goals. There is nothing inherently wrong with pursuing financial stability and success. However, in our quest for material wealth, we must not lose sight of the spiritual aspects of our existence.

Focusing on God and Liberation

While it is important to earn a living, we should also focus on our spiritual growth and take steps toward attaining liberation. Life offers us the opportunity to reach out to the divine and seek a higher purpose beyond our immediate material concerns. A wise individual recognizes the importance of this spiritual journey and seeks to balance it with their everyday responsibilities.

The Temporary Nature of Physical Existence

Our daily lives are often consumed by work and routine, and we may find ourselves extending our life span without necessarily enriching our spiritual lives. A truly wise person understands the impermanence of our physical existence. Despite living in this world, they strive to grasp the eternal, the divine.

Attaining Liberation While Living in the World

It is possible to attain liberation and perform actions that transcend mere rebirth while living in this world. Our physical bodies serve as a medium, a seat for our journey towards God. A wise individual uses their body as a tool for spiritual advancement, aiming to achieve liberation and connect with the divine.

The Mind’s Deception

Our minds often trick us into believing that the way we are currently living is the only way to live. We become entrenched in the physical world, thinking that material pursuits are the ultimate goal. However, we must challenge this perception and recognize that our true purpose lies beyond the physical realm.

The Importance of Spiritual Action

While we may have the intention to see God, we often fail to take the necessary steps to attain Him. Every thought and action in this world contributes to our karma. It is crucial to engage in spiritual actions and cultivate a desire for the permanent, which is God.

Embracing the Transience of Life

Our bodies are in a constant state of change, with cells destroying and regenerating. As we age, we inch closer to the inevitable reality of death. This transient nature of life should remind us of the importance of seeking the eternal. By giving importance to the permanent and desiring to connect with God, we align ourselves with our true purpose.


In conclusion, while earning money and engaging in material pursuits are necessary, we must also focus on our spiritual journey. We can achieve a balanced life by recognizing the temporary nature of our physical existence and taking steps toward liberation. A wise individual uses their time in this world to seek the divine, embracing both the material and spiritual aspects of existence.