In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, many individuals turn to spirituality seeking answers, solutions, or a deeper understanding of life’s challenges. Some find themselves on a quest to transcend problems, while others embrace them as part of the journey. This article delves into the profound connection between spirituality, happiness, problems, and the belief in a higher power. It explores the idea that everything is preplanned by a divine force and how spirituality can lead us toward lasting peace and liberation.

1. The Illusion of Happiness:

Spirituality often promises happiness, but is happiness itself an illusion? The quest for everlasting happiness can be elusive. It is essential to understand that joy and pain are fleeting moments in our lives. What lies between these two emotional states is known as inner peace.

2. The Role of a Higher Power:

Many spiritual belief systems teach that our lives are preplanned by a higher power or god. This divine plan encompasses the challenges we face, the lessons we must learn, and the growth of our souls.

3. The Purpose of Problems:

Problems in life aren’t necessarily negative. They serve as opportunities for growth and selfimprovement. Without challenges, we might become arrogant and complacent. Problems exist to propel us forward on our spiritual journey.

4. The Significance of Human Existence:

We are given human bodies not merely for pleasure but as vehicles for achieving a divine connection. Our ultimate purpose is to ascend to a higher spiritual level, breaking free from the cycle of birth and death.

5. The Influence of Thoughts:

Our thoughts are the driving force behind our actions, and they are not entirely within our control. Where do our thoughts come from? In some spiritual belief systems, it’s believed that celestial bodies called Navagraha influence our thoughts.

6. Balancing Karma:

Our actions have karmic consequences. By thinking positively and helping others, we can extend our lifespans. The choice lies between following the karmic path of Navagraha or escaping the cycle of birth and death through our sixth sense.

7. Cherishing Human Existence:

Being born as a human is a rare and precious opportunity. We should not take our healthy bodies for granted. By nourishing our physical selves, we nurture our souls and move closer to divine attainment.

8. The Impact of Our Actions:

The food we consume significantly affects our well-being. The universal law suggests that failing to empathize with the suffering of others will bring problems into our own lives.

9. The Pursuit of Liberation:

True liberation is achieved when our balance of good and bad deeds reaches zero. Our choice of parents in this life is influenced by our past karmic deeds.

10. Facing Challenges with Resilience:

All challenges should be seen as opportunities. A shift in perspective, viewing problems as challenges, can open the door to solutions. Wisdom is the real wealth we seek in this world.

11. The Power of a Calm Mind:

A tranquil and peaceful mind can unlock solutions to life’s problems. Religious places offer a space to find inner peace and absorb positive energy.

12. The True Meaning of Belief:

In a world driven by material desires, true belief should be in a higher power. We need to nurture compassion and perform good deeds from childhood, remembering that money is necessary but not the ultimate goal.

13. Surrendering to a Higher Power:

God is the ultimate solution to all our problems. By chanting the name of the divine and surrendering our lives to this higher power, we can navigate life’s challenges with grace.

14. Miracles of Belief:

Belief in a higher power can lead to miraculous outcomes. When we have faith and call upon the divine, we may witness extraordinary events.

15. The Ultimate Surrender:

Maturity is found in complete surrender to a higher power, regardless of the material rewards received. Surrendering ourselves entirely to the divine allows us to pass the tests of life with grace.


In the quest for happiness, problem-solving, and spiritual fulfillment, surrendering to a higher power is a path that many find solace in. Understanding the purpose of problems, balancing karma, and embracing a tranquil mind are keys to a life filled with wisdom and inner peace. When we surrender ourselves to a higher power, we may discover miracles and embark on a journey toward divine liberation. Remember, regardless of religious differences, belief in a higher power can lead to a better and happier life.