In the realm of creation, where life begins its miraculous journey, lies a profound interplay of physical and spiritual forces. Let us delve into the depths of this mystical process and uncover its hidden truths.

Understanding Sthula Vindhu and Suchama Vindhu:

In the embrace of passion, when a father and mother unite in the sacred act of love, a divine dance unfolds. Here, the sukkilam, or sperm, is released from the man, known as the Sthula Vindhu. Concurrently, the Suchama Vindhu, a subtle essence, arises within him.

The Orgasmic State:

At the pinnacle of this union lies the orgasmic state, a transcendent moment where earthly boundaries dissolve, and one touches the divine. It is here that the Sthula Vindhu and Suchama Vindhu of men merge, embarking on a journey of creation.

The Journey of Conception:

As the united essence traverses from the male reproductive organ to the awaiting egg within the womb, a sacred pilgrimage commences. Countless Vindhus embark on this odyssey, their destination: the womb of women.

The Revelation of Vallalar:

While we can track the months spent in a mother’s womb, it’s harder to pinpoint the time spent as a sperm, waiting in the father’s reproductive system. It’s a mysterious and fascinating aspect of our journey to existence.

Vallalar stands as a beacon of illumination in the annals of spiritual exploration. He dared to unravel the mysteries of existence, calculating the duration of his existence as a Vindhu within his father’s seminal vessel.

The Divine Union:

Behold the wondrous spectacle as the sperm, resembling a tiny warrior, touches the egg, triggering a cascade of divine events. With the first touch, the egg embraces its destined mate, sealing its fate, while others fade into oblivion.

The Essence of Life:

Within the sanctity of creation lies the essence of life itself. The union of Sthula Vindhu and Suchama Vindhu heralds the dawn of existence, where the first heartbeat resonates within the sacred vessel of the womb. This Suchama vindhu is light. Whatever you want to do in this world, you need light.

Thai Poosam: A Celebration of Light:

On the auspicious occasion of Thai Poosam, we are reminded of the power of light. Poosam, symbolizing potent illumination, transcends mere physical radiance, embodying the essence of creation itself.


As we navigate the intricate tapestry of creation, let us pause to reflect on the divine alchemy at play. Through prayer and benevolence, may we honor the sacred union of Sthula Vindhu and Suchama Vindhu, embracing the eternal light that guides us on our journey through life.