Let’s see how to increase the positive vibes and divine energy in the home. Poverty happens to those who harm others. If you perform evil actions towards anyone, it will backfire on you and you will suffer in your life. However, you should not give up if good things don’t happen in your life. God will make it happen if your soul is pure and clean.

Good and bad things

Some people may face consequences for the mistakes they did in their previous birth. The great philosopher Kaniyan Pugunranar beautifully said that nobody is the reason for the good or bad things that happen in your life. You are reasonable for everything in your life. If you lead your life genuinely and legitimately, good things will happen in your life. Whereas if you choose the wrong path, then you will suffer.

Generosity and being kind

You need to increase the positive energy in the home and if you feel like bad things happening often. Good fortune always doesn’t happen in life only by visiting the family temple. To get divine energy at home you should be always calm and help others. You will get rid of poverty by being generous and kind towards others. Offer food to hungry people and other animals like dogs, pigs, cows, donkeys, and zebras. You can also offer water to thirsty ones. These ways of helping another living being will get blessings in life. Whenever you visit the temple look at the buildings, the sculptures, and the way it’s been built.

Lighting lamps

You should light lamps as much as possible to increase divine energy and positive vibes in the home. Meanwhile, don’t think about others and speak ill about them. If you mind your own business and think good for others you will be blessed. In addition to this, you can visit saints and get their blessings. One of the best ways to get rid of poverty is by offering food to hungry people.