Lighting a lamp in the home is an auspicious and amazing thing to worship God. Nowadays people buy random lamp oil from nearby shops to light lamps in their homes. It is not advisable to do that. You should buy organic and non contaminated oil to light a lamp. Because lighting a lamp is a holy thing to see and feel God and has a lot of benefits too.

What is the reason to light lamp?

Lighting deepam or lamps creates a perfect atmosphere and gives a warm and bright ambiance. You can use a 5-wick or 1-wick lamp depending on your convenience. Lighting lamps regularly destroy all the evil energies in the home and bring good health, wealth, prosperity, and fame. It emits good and positive vibrations in your home.

God is Light

God is light. The light is a part of God’s essence. Jesus, Allah, Anjaneya, and other Lord are in the form of light and symbolizes goodness. So if you worship light as much as possible, you will receive the Lord’s blessings. This is why it is advised to practice Surya Namaskar in the morning and Surya Yoga. While worshiping light and doing meditation regularly you can find more positive energies at home.

How to find evil energies in home?

When there are negative energies at home, you will find a lot of discomfort like headaches, ear pain, and other illness. On contrary, the positive energies make you feel relieved and relaxed. I recently visited the Arapaleeswarar temple in Kollimalai and felt positive energies there. This temple is the most iconic one and Goddess Aram Valartha Nayagi is located in a peaceful and serene sanctum amidst the greenery of the Kolli hills.

Which oil to be used?

The lamps you light in your home gives positive energy to your home and protect you. It allows and purifies your mind while sustaining harmony and abundance. The oil you use is considered to be very important while lighting a lamp. Don’t use contaminated oil but use clean and pure Gingelly oil or Castor oil. You can buy Mahua oil (Ilupai oil) from Organic stores nearby and use it. It creates a protective shield around your family members and protects you from negative energies.

Light and its significance

The major significance of lighting a lamp is to invite God to our home and get his blessings. Many years ago, ancient Tamilians in Kumari Kandam worshipped light as God. They believe God is in the middle of the forehead between the eyebrows. Light is found everywhere around us and we perform all auspicious ceremonies in front of the light. Life starts and ends with light. Light creates a pure, nourishing, and healing atmosphere. So by lighting a lamp you will get God’s blessings, joy, fortunes and other benefits in life.