In today’s fast-paced and digitally dominated world, our phones have become almost an extension of ourselves. We carry them everywhere, check them frequently, and rely on them for a multitude of tasks. Given this deep integration of phones into our daily lives, it’s worth exploring how we can use them to enhance our spiritual journey. One profound way to do this is by setting your phone’s wallpaper to an image of your favorite spiritual guru or religious icon. Here’s why this simple practice can be transformative.

Constant Connection to Higher Frequencies

By keeping an image of your spiritual guru as your phone wallpaper, you ensure that you are greeted by their presence every time you unlock your phone. This constant visual reminder keeps you connected to their frequency. Spiritual gurus often operate on a higher vibrational energy, and by frequently seeing their image, you align yourself with their elevated state of being. This alignment can help you absorb their positive energy and blessings throughout the day.

Spiritual Gurus as Energy Stations

Spiritual gurus are often regarded as energy stations, radiating powerful, positive vibrations. When you see their image, even if it’s just for a moment, you tap into their energy field. This can have a calming and centering effect, reducing stress and increasing your sense of peace and well-being. Their energy can act on you, providing subtle guidance and support in your daily activities.

Disappearance of the Mind

One of the core principles in many spiritual teachings is the dissolution of the ego or the “disappearance of the mind.” When you see the image of your guru or a divine figure, it can serve as a powerful reminder to transcend your everyday thoughts and worries. In those moments, your mind becomes quiet, allowing the divine energy within you to glow. This state of mental stillness can be incredibly beneficial, fostering inner peace and clarity.

Living a Positive Life

By maintaining a visual connection with your spiritual guide, you cultivate a habit of positive thinking. Seeing their image regularly reinforces positive beliefs and attitudes. As you consistently be positive, think positive, and see positive, you begin to live a more positive life. This shift in mindset can attract positive experiences and opportunities, creating a virtuous cycle of positivity in your life.

Attracting Positive Energy

When you are in a state of positive vibration, you naturally attract positive energy. The law of attraction states that like attracts like. By embedding the image of your spiritual guru into your daily routine, you invite their positive influence into your life, which can help you attract and manifest your desires more effectively.


Incorporating the image of your spiritual guru or a divine figure as your phone wallpaper is a simple yet profound practice. It keeps you connected to higher frequencies, allows you to tap into powerful energy sources, helps quiet your mind, and fosters a positive outlook on life. As you engage with this practice, you may find that your spiritual journey becomes more enriched and that you attract more positivity into your life. So, set your wallpaper with the image that inspires you the most and experience the transformative power it brings.