Let’s see about the signs and symptoms of an enlightened person and how to become one. When you look at any person and wish to have a life like that, you will lose your life. It’s because everyone is living a different lifestyle and facing different scenarios. When you compare your life and growth with others, then you will face troubles. You need to look at your life alone. If you wish to help others, you can do it. But you should not feel jealous about others’ lifestyles. Especially don’t worry or long for others’ life. Because by doing these, you are actually going far away from your destination.

Living in the present moment

When you see your own life and live in the present moment, you can easily reach your destination and feel happier. Every human performs some kind of work in order to get pleasure. As said before, pleasure is nothing but stopping the mind that wanders here and there. Though you work hard to gain pleasure, if you live your own life not bothering about others, you will get pleasure irrespective of any work you do. The one who leads a life like this is called a Saint.

What is predestined fate?

You can’t get pleasure when you worry about your future more than living in your present. You are dwelling on the things that will happen in the future and confusing yourself. But the fact is, no matter how much ever you think, only the things that are meant to happen will happen, and others don’t. This is called predestined fate. You don’t have to worry much because nothing bad will happen in your life. The secret to making your future happy is to live in your present so that even the bad things will change into good.

Why should you not overreact?

Besides, you should not set big goals and limit your desires. If you don’t come to this neutral state, then you will definitely suffer in the future. It is mistaken by many individuals that the wisdom stage won’t cause them any problems. But the fact is you will get more problems when you become wise. It is because you will become more responsible and have to take care of many things. Even if I face problems, I take that easily and will come out of them in 1 to 2 minutes. Sometimes even the worst problems won’t hurt at all. The people around you will ask why are you looking sad and dull, but you should bother those words. Sometimes you might feel very happier inside but others think vice versa. You should always stay stable and in a neutral state. For example, your expressions should be neutral even though you lose one crore rupees. When you are very happy or whatever good or bad the situation is try to not overreact and keep your expression subtle.

Signs of an Enlightened person

Disappointments won’t go near those who don’t fall for anything they receive from others and don’t worry about what they lose. It is because they practice neurology. You are worrying so much when you get disappointments and at the same time feeling more happier when good things happen. You might get heart attacks because of the extreme feelings. When you are weak and if the pressure increases and decreases like this then your health will become unstable. You need to see through anatomy also. An Enlightened person will take things very easily and won’t overreact to everything. By practicing this, you won’t get blood pressure, your mind won’t get distracted here and there and you will genuinely feel pleasurable. This is nothing but the Yoga pleasure. The reason why you feel pleasurable is you feel strong enough that God is with you and supports you in all situations. These are the signs and symptoms of an enlightened person.