In the pursuit of a fulfilling life, many ponder the necessity of having relatives. However, upon closer examination through the lens of wisdom, it becomes evident that our true reliance should be on a higher power rather than familial ties.

Relying on the Divine:

When we delve into the depths of wisdom, we discover that our ultimate source of support lies in the divine. While relatives may offer assistance in certain situations, their presence and aid are transient. For sustained guidance throughout life’s journey, turning to the divine is paramount.

Limitations of Relatives:

Though relatives may lend a helping hand at times, they cannot accompany us throughout our entire lifespan. Relying solely on familial relationships can impede our ability to fully explore and understand ourselves. True growth requires independence from external dependencies, including relatives.

Jealousy and Selfishness:

In today’s world, jealousy and selfishness often pervade human interactions. As individuals strive for personal growth and success, relatives may succumb to envy, leading to negative impacts on our journey. Sharing our progress with others can inadvertently invite jealousy and hinder our upward trajectory.

Preserving Personal Growth:

To safeguard our progression in life, it’s crucial to refrain from flaunting our achievements to relatives or others. By keeping our successes private, we shield ourselves from the detrimental effects of jealousy and maintain our upward momentum.

Embracing Self-Exploration:

Self-exploration is a fundamental aspect of personal development. By delving deep within ourselves, we uncover the truth that our love and devotion should be directed towards the divine rather than external entities. Through self-exploration, we cultivate a profound connection with the divine, transcending the limitations of worldly relationships.


In essence, while relatives may offer temporary assistance, our true sustenance and guidance emanate from a higher power. By embracing self-exploration and prioritizing our relationship with the divine, we liberate ourselves from the constraints of worldly attachments, leading to a more fulfilling and purposeful existence.