There are a lot of quotes and proverbs in this world. In general, these are gifts from our ancestors, Siddhas, and from powerful persons. Sometimes, it can also come from a normal person based on his experience. Proverbs and Quotes are nothing but a person’s experience from certain situations. Here in this article, we will what our Guru, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu shares his aspect on Proverbs and Quotes and whether they are healthy for our life.

Key points about this Article:

  1. Not all the proverbs are applicable all the time in life.
  2. Proverbs and Quotes can be helpful for one based on his situation and not all the time.
  3. It is the Mind that is the powerful machine that helps us to lead a happy life in the earth, and as well as, beyond the earth(Spiritiual Life).
  4. Write your own quotes based on your experience as they are the reflection of your situation or life.
  5. Guruve Sharanam!

Are Proverbs, and Quotes Healthy for a Life:

This video is transcripted from the YouTube Video by Bramma Sri Mahavishnu of Paramporul Foundation and the following is the YouTube link.

To be frank, not all the proverbs, and quotes will be healthy. It is all based on our situation. These Proverbs, Quotes, and Thoughts are nothing but the experiences of the people who already gone through the same situation, and you may look for those proverbs, and quotes when your situation can actually be helped by those.

Sometimes, we just can’t follow the proverbs theoretically. It all depends on our situation

Our mind is our God. Our mind is our Guru. The God can be Shiva, or Jesus, or Allah yet it is all about our mind. One of the most valuable things in our life are our thoughts. Hence, Listen to your Thoughts. Answer yourself, self realisation, and all will help you to become divine power.

Believe it or not, your mind is a powerful thing.

Swami Vivekananda

Conclusion of the Article:

Be your own Guru, Respect your own thoughts, Be unique, and you can win this life and as well as the spiritual life. Proverbs, Quotes, may help but not all the time and it is all based on your situation. Guruve Sharanam!

Thank you for your time & Patience

Always remember to judge everything by your inner feeling of bliss