Many seek to reach the divine, yet the true path to connecting with the divine lies in the practice of love and compassion. While some focus on actions and karma, the essence of becoming divine oneself revolves around embracing love and extending compassion to all beings.

Love as the Gateway to Divinity

To truly reach God, one must understand that it is through love that the connection is established. Love isn’t merely an emotion but a transformative force that allows us to transcend ordinary existence. By practicing and embodying love, one can attain a closeness to the divine that transcends mere actions or rituals.

Compassion: The Key to Divine Selfhood

Meditation offers a path to liberation, but to truly become divine, one must walk the path of compassion. Embracing compassion enables us to not only seek mukthi or moksha but to become embodiments of the divine essence. This path may often lead others to perceive us as unconventional or even ‘mad,’ but the opinions of others should not deter us from pursuing the divine.

Wisdom as a Gift of Love

By immersing oneself in the state of love, one gains excessive wisdom. This wisdom allows us to perceive each human being with compassion, to see beyond their actions, and to understand what we can offer to uplift others. Even when faced with seemingly ‘bad’ individuals, love and compassion enable us to seek ways to bring goodness into their lives.

The Journey to Arutperumjyothi: Embracing Divine Joy

Living in a state of love and compassion is no easy feat. However, once traversed, this path leads to a profound transformation where every cell in one’s being becomes occupied by the divine. This state leads to the attainment of the arutperumjyothi, a state of immense joy and divine connection.

Letting Go of Desires: Living in the Present

A crucial step in this journey is to embrace life without clinging to desires. As compassion grows, one’s sensitivity to the pain of others intensifies. This stage, known as the soul-melting state, is pivotal in becoming the arutperumjyothi itself.

Conclusion: Embracing Divinity Through Love and Compassion

In conclusion, the path to divinity transcends rituals and actions; it’s a journey of the heart. By immersing oneself in love, compassion, and a heart-centered approach, one can become a vessel for divine grace. This journey leads to a state where one not only feels the pain of others but also becomes the embodiment of divine light, the arutperumjyothi.

Pursuing divinity through love and compassion might seem unconventional, but it’s a transformative journey leading to boundless joy and a profound connection with the divine.