Every year, on the fifth day of June, World Environment Day is celebrated in a grand manner across the World. The United Nations has recognized this date as an important day and it can be said that it is highly regarded by countries around the world. This particular day holds immense significance and represents a remarkable phenomenon.

What is the Planet Made Up Of?

The Planet is constructed by nature. It consists of the five elements: Water, Fire, Air, Space, and Earth. Various species of plants and animals inhabit this land. There are also natural ecosystems that contribute to the preservation of nature. Minerals play a vital role here. Even if we have everything, without the support of nature, we cannot survive in this world along with other living beings. Therefore, it is nature that protects us with its great power.

What will happen without nature?

Nature does not provide you with anything. Without nature, we cannot get anything, we will perish. The world is heading towards destruction by neglecting nature. Today, Global Warming has reached a very dangerous stage. In the gloomy Global Warming scenario, Air Pollution, Water Pollution, and Soil Erosion are highlighted. Many ecological disasters caused by human-made products have resulted in the destruction of nature. That is why we cannot live without our artificial products.

The five elements are the great power that can destroy us. Therefore, we should approach nature with great kindness and compassion. Nature will reveal many secrets that will truly guide human beings. The Vedas and the ancient scriptures contain all the great secrets that are not found in science or technology. Through this universe, we must speak and learn all the great secrets of the universe’s supreme power and protect nature well.

Embracing Nature’s Gifts for a Sustainable Future

Our need is to create and provide any other sustainable products required for this world. You cannot create any products related to nature like forests, rain, etc on your own. You should do whatever you can to protect and preserve this nature without destroying it, as we have to surpass this nature for our future generations. That is a great achievement and blessing for them.

Our future generation should not suffer from the consequences of our actions, such as pollution, deforestation, or any harm caused by our negligence. Those harmful substances that are created due to the transformation of natural products, which do not have natural qualities, turn into poison and affect our bodies, changing our well-being. Therefore, kindly request you to desire and strive to become a protector of nature as per the guidance of the supreme god who is the ultimate yogi and traditional authority, and protect nature as a guardian.

Therefore, ensure to nurture trees, provide diligent watering, and safeguard the five natural elements. By initiating your dedication to nature’s preservation, progress will gradually ensue. It is imperative for everyone to incorporate nature protection into their lives. Let go of past errors, transform into a nature guardian and ally, and actively strive to rectify past missteps from this moment onward.