Marijuana, or Ganja, or Weed, call it as you wish. One may use it with OCB, Chillum, or any method. What does Marijuana do to us? Lord Shiva consumed it? Agoris are taking it. So many questions on that, and here in this article, our Guru, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu puts forth crystal clear facts about Marijuana, and the problems related to the limited materialistic earthly pleasures, and also tells us about the Extreme Pleasure that can be attained from Spirituality.

Key points about this article:

  1. Marijuana, and other Earthly pleasures are Materialistic, Addictive, Limited, and will bring a lot of problems to us.
  2. The state of Pleasure from things like Marijuana makes one to lose his Conscious mind(Thinking ability), and thereby activating the Sub Conscious mind, and making him fail to understand what is right and what is wrong.
  3. The Extreme Pleasure that can be attained from Spirituality will get only good things in life, and it won’t make one to lose his conscious thinking capacity.
  4. Exercises like Yoga, Kundalini yoga, Nava Kanda yoga, Astanga yoga, Hatha yoga, Paramporul yoga, Siddha Vidhai, and Meiporul yoga will help one to attain the extreme pleasure from the state of Spirituality.
  5. Guruve Sharanam!

Ecstacy from Marijuana, and the Ecstacy from Spirituality:

This article is transcripted from the YouTube Video of Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, the founder of Paramporul Foundation and following is the YouTube link.

The things are simple with both Marijuana, and Spirituality. It is evident that Marijuana is definitely bad for our health, and also or life. On the other hand, the pleasure that can be attained from the state of spirituality is the extreme, and it will make sure that your conscious mind travels along with you all the time. Marijuana is addictive whereas, the extreme spirituality, you can go into that state and comback to normal stage of life whenever you want.

For your clear understanding, we have made a table that will putforth the facts, and points related to the Ecstasy from Marijuana, and the Spirituality in life.

Marijuana Spirituality
1. Materialistic pleasure Not a Materialistic pleasure
2. HIghly Addictive & brings a lot of problems Not Addictive & brings only good things in life
3. Limited Pleasure Extreme Pleasure
4. Suppresses our Conscious thinking ability Our consciousness will travel along with us
5. Spoils the Health and mind Enhance, and enlighten our Health, and mind
6. Life will be full of problems Live a problem-free life
Effects of Ecstasy from Marijuana and Spirituality

Conclusion of the Article:

Life is to live happy, and peacefully. Marijuana may be tempting but it is very addictive, and hence keep yourselves from any kind of Earthly limited pleasures. Pursuit Spirituality with the help of yoga exercises, etc, and live a good life. Guruve Sharanam

Thank you for your time and patience.