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By the Blessings of our Ancient Gurus & Siddhars

Mahavishnu is a Founder of PARAMPORUL FOUNDATION. He is a Writer, Spiritual Person, Film Director, Motivational Speaker, Certified Reiki Healer, Standup comic & Mental Care Counsellor. He is a public figure who performed on SunTV & other Satellite TV channels. He was featured in Deccan Chronicle, Times of India, The Hindu, Thanthi TV, News 18, Dinamalar, Dinathanthi, Dinamani, News 7 & more!

If we say the WISDOM from a non-understanding perspective from Typical Siddhar Songs or through Vedic culture, you will get more confused & hate it. Because people’s minds were already filled up with many other Joyful & Entertaining things. So we say the TRUTH & WISDOM through your lovable & daily observing entertainment related things.

So that you will understand it very easily. All our intention is to make you understand & live the happiest life like MASTERS! So we will do it in all possible ways to make it easier for you! Jeevakarunyam (Showing mercy on all Lives inlcuding humans) is our main intention & motive.

His Guru is Bramma Gnani Sarguru Sri Sri Sri Kanchi Viswanatha Swamigal who has Jeeva Samadhi at Puttur, Kailasa Kona Waterfalls, Andhra. Through his Guidance & wisdom only Mahavishnu is making all efforts to lighten up the People’s wisdom Life.


Mind operates everything! Your imaginations & mind storage only problem. Reality is calm! We are so special in get into it.


Eat less, Live long! We are eating to Live, Not living to Eat! Follow proper eating method to Avoid 80% Diseases.


Everything needs a PUSH! Even if we are mature, we will loss our stability. So will need motivational advice to pull us again in track.

Online & Direct Classes

Self Realization Classes with Powerful “Paramporul Yogam” Meditation Deeksha.

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Watch our YouTube channel regularly to know the secrets of the Mind & Body Taught by Our Powerful Gurus & Siddhars.

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Especially for the People who can’t attend Direct class, We’ve designed the Online class to get WISDOM.

More Help

Especially for those people who like to attend the spiritual Enlightenment class directly.


Mahavishnu, already saw Millions of people directly on public stages to Entertain with his Impressive Speaking Nature. As he came from Stand Up Comic Background, it is easy to make the people understand the Spirituality in Easy way.


This will be your best foundation to make you clear. We respect your privacy & keep your secrets safe. It won’t be shared with anyone at any situations.


Often you will need some mature positive person to enlighten for a better life. But when you attain the WISDOM, you will become the best SOLUTION GIVER & you will tackle all of your life problems easily. WISDOM is the KEY!


A small thing too can disturb your sleep. We are here to give you the needful solution for your problems. You will get clear understanding about the mind & body. This WISDOM will get all your needful things in this World.


As we are deeply connected to spirituality, you will get the answers from outside of the box too. So you will get classes for depression & all other kinds of problems.


All these years, you were thinking that SOMETHING BIG will give remedy. But actually, the small things only will make BIGGEST CHANGES in your life. We will teach you all the needful things for your HAPPIEST & STRESS FREE life!

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I am always available for all your mental & physical related solutions!

Relationship Problems, Anger Outbursts, Counselling for Depression, Stress & Anxiety Issues, Any kind of Griefs Counselling, Breakup or Abondened, Counselling for any Addiction, Marriage issues, Career Coaching, Motivating Sessions, Building Self-Confidence & more!


Happy People Say

Mahavishnu is such a great motivator & mind reader. He knows the audience pulse well! Around 100 IPS officers gathering in Chennai, he gave his excellent motivational & comic speech!

Mr. V.Sithannan

IPS, Retd

He is young. But his talent in Motivation & Energy Healing is so high! He is a spiritual meditator too. He gives best solutions. He is best in Phone motivation & distance healing!

Mrs. Kamatchi

JMD, JK Group of Companies

When I feel low & confused, I take phone counseling with Mahavishnu. His care & maturity towards spirituality or any life-related things made me so happy! Let his support for the needful people continue…

Dr. Siva Sankar

Ph.D, College Professor