FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Founder?

Mahavishnu is the Founder of this Non-Profit Organization which was established in 2020.

After Registration, when will I get my Class details?

Depending on the next availability of slots, we will call or send you the class details soon.

Is my Donation Refundable?

It’s Non-refundable & Non-Transferrable.

What is the Main intention of the Paramporul Foundation?

Our main intention is to Feed the Hungry people around us. And then teach them to live HAPPIEST stress-free life by the Guidance of our ancient Gurus & Siddhars’ WISDOM through POWERFUL Yogic Methods & Practices.

Spirituality Should Be Free! Why are you collecting Donations?

We are not born RICH! In this mechanism world, everything became money now! Without money can’t do anything, especially when we are on the path of Serving huge people. So your donations will be used for the Poor & needy people’s growth in a WISDOM way. Moreover, already we are Taking Free Classes for Students & other Needful people. So you are not only donating for yourself, it is actually for others too! Which means, you are earning BLESSING from God for it.

Who is the Guru of Mahavishnu?

Bramma Gnani Sri Sri Sri Kanchi Viswanatha Swamigal, who has Jeeva Samadhi at Kailasakona Waterfalls, Puttur, Andhra, India. He attained SAMADHI 47 Years.

After Attending the Class, will I hate this World & not be interested to live?

Not at all! This wisdom will enlighten you on what is the actual TRUTH! You will come to know the real meaning of HAPPINESS & also you will learn all the Techniques to live this world in more mature & efficient way. Moreover, you will get the Secrets to earn more wealth & get fulfilled health.

How can I stay Motivated?

Getting in touch with our Videos regularly, taking daily practice which was taught by our brother & swami Mahavishnu, getting involved in Volunteering activities, helping the people around you without any expectations, and teaching the good things to your circle will keep you on track.

Which will give me an instant Remedy for mental Pain?

Realize this World is a DREAM! Once you realize this, whenever you feel the pain in your Mind, immediately say to your own mind that, it’s a Drama & the Actors are performing in front of you. So no need to worry about it as they are just ACTORS! And it will too pass out! Once you practice this regularly, this will give you instant relief!