We all have Karma that has to be settled off. One of the best ways to dissolve Karma in life is Charity and Donations. Food donations are very essential. By doing so, we can able to live a happy, and peaceful life. In this article, our Brother Bramma Sri Mahavishnu shares his thoughts on our article title.

Key Points of this Article:

  1. Guruve Sharanam.
  2. Donations, Charity, Food donations are very important to live a peaceful, and happy life.
  3. We can try to help old persons on the street, physically challenged ones, beggars with what is possible for us.
  4. More the giving to the people who are in need, and struggling, more the blessings will come to us, and it is what matters above all to live a happy and peaceful life.

Dissolve Karma, Get Peace of Mind, & Live a Happy Life:

This article has been transcribed from the YouTube video by Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, and the following is the YouTube link.

When it comes to Donations, Food Donations, Charity, then the more we give, then the more we will get. It will save us. The blessings will save us. Hence whenever you find a person who is looking for food, or any help, beggars, physically challenged persons looking for help, try to help them out as much as you can. Not only it will help them but the blessings from your actions will help you live a happy, and peaceful life.

Also, whenever you are helping a person, then it should be full of kindness, and it should be from your heart. It should not be something to be done with an attitude or any kind of rude behavior. Be Good, and do Good. Guruve Sharanam

Thank you for your time and patience.