In the vast tapestry of human existence, there are numerous paths one can tread. From the spiritual gurus to divine beings, there are guides who illuminate the way. One such path, known as “Jeevakarunyaolukkam,” is followed by those who embrace a vegetarian lifestyle, earning them the title of “Sangmargigal.” This path revolves around the profound idea that our body is divided into two parts: “Karmenthriyum” below the neck, responsible for storing karma, and “Gnanaenthriyum” above the neck, tasked with erasing karma.

The Enigma of the Gnanaenthriyum:

Gnanaenthriyum, residing above the neck, plays a crucial role in our spiritual journey. This component of our being consists of nine holes, with two for the eyes, two for the nose, one for the mouth, and two for the ears. The remaining two holes, often shrouded in mystery, are located at the back of the small tongue, known as “kudham” and “Kuyam.” But there is another, the tenth hole, concealed by a delicate piece of tissue. This tenth gate, adorned in yellow and white hues, remains a profound secret in spirituality.

The Quest for Spiritual Awakening:

To attain the divine state, we embark on the path of “Sanmargam.” This journey revolves around unlocking the tenth gate, a passage so slender that it is often referred to as “Sanmargam.” Human existence is, in essence, a quest to unveil this mystical hole by gently removing the tissue through yogic practices.

Suddha Sanmargam: Compassion Unleashed:

Yet, there are various approaches along this path. “Suddha Sanmargam” offers an alternative route, emphasizing boundless compassion for all living beings. Here, meditation and yogic practices are not prerequisites; instead, the key is to extend love and mercy to all creatures. By following this compassionate way, one can ascend to higher planes of divinity.

Samarasa Suddhasanmargam: The Path of Harmony:

For those seeking to accelerate their journey to wisdom, “Samarasa Suddhasanmargam” beckons. This path involves not only being vegetarian but also extending love and compassion to all living beings. The rewards for this choice are profound, as it can lead to a more rapid attainment of spiritual enlightenment.

The Ultimate Goal: Unlocking the Tenth Gate:

In the grand scheme of our spiritual journey, the ultimate objective remains constant: to unlock the tenth gate. This delicate tissue-guarded passage, concealed within our being, holds the key to reaching the highest levels of wisdom. As we tread the path of compassion, love, and mercy towards all beings, we inch closer to the elusive state of spiritual divinity.


In the labyrinth of spiritual exploration, the concept of unlocking the tenth gate, shrouded in the mystique of the Gnanaenthriyum, serves as a guiding light. Whether we embrace the pure compassion of “Suddha Sanmargam” or opt for the harmony of “Samarasa Suddhasanmargam,” our journey is a testament to the profound connection between our actions, our choices, and our spiritual evolution. Ultimately, the path to wisdom lies within, waiting to be unlocked by our unwavering commitment to compassion and love for all living beings.