Let’s see what are the things to remember while going out of home as well as being modern in this blog. We have a lot of people to preach divinity, but we still lack an understanding of God. Many people think being modern is a sin and modesty is the only way to God.

Connection of Physical Appearance with God

It is important to note that modernity and divinity are not mutually exclusive concepts. In fact, many people believe that modernity can be a vehicle for expressing and exploring divinity. There aren’t many people who believe that God won’t bless those who are modern, go out, listen to live music, fly, drive, or ride a two-wheeler. They hold the view—and propagate it—that God will only favor those who partake of Prasadham and pay frequent visits to the temple.

People need to understand that God has nothing to do with how someone looks. Who will receive divine grace, for instance, if a person who is trendy and leads a very comfortable life but possesses God’s nature of serving others differs from a person who is very modest but lacks God’s nature? Of course, the stylish individual, but even he will reveal God’s character.

Modern or Modest

Modernity and modesty don’t matter, but good thoughts and God’s nature do matter for divinity. God only focuses on the inner self, not physical appearances. When we have the mental maturity to treat other living beings equally, we attain divinity. Sometimes, we think a person who is not God-fearing is successful in life because of his and his generation’s good deeds. Purity of mind plays a vital role in attaining divine grace; this is the one and only way to get God’s grace. Nothing else is needed apart from this. Only a person who doesn’t have a pure mind suffers in life.