In the quest for true happiness and fulfillment, humans often mistake temporary pleasures, such as the fleeting joy of a sexual orgasm, for the highest form of bliss. However, the ultimate joy lies in escaping the cycle of birth and death and attaining mukthi (liberation). This profound state of being is achieved through selfless deeds, compassion, and spiritual growth.

Understanding Mukthi

Mukthi, or liberation, is the state of being free from the endless cycle of reincarnation. It is the ultimate goal for those seeking eternal peace and happiness. Unlike worldly pleasures, which are transient and often lead to further desires and suffering, mukthi offers a permanent state of bliss and unity with the divine.

The Role of Good Deeds

Good deeds are the cornerstone of the path to mukthi. These deeds involve helping others, caring for them, and acting without selfish intentions or expectations. True selflessness is about performing actions that benefit others without seeking any reward or recognition. This selflessness purifies the soul and brings one closer to liberation.

Consequences of Actions

Every action, whether good or bad, has consequences. Hurting others, either physically or verbally, brings negative repercussions that one must answer for. Conversely, living a compassionate and selfless life ensures that the universe, even the smallest of creatures, will come to your aid in times of trouble. The principle of karma teaches that our actions shape our destiny and that living righteously leads to a better future.

The Impermanence of the Physical Body

Upon death, the human body is disposed of within hours. Regardless of one’s status or achievements in life, the physical form loses all value once life has left it. This stark reality underscores the importance of humility and the understanding that without nature and the divine, we are nothing. Arrogance and pride are futile; instead, kindness and groundedness are essential for a meaningful life.

Supporting Others

Helping others grow and succeed is crucial for one’s growth. By supporting and uplifting those around us, we create a positive environment that fosters collective progress and happiness. This interconnectedness is key to leading a fulfilling life.

The Path to Mukthi

To attain mukthi and connect with the divine, one must embody kindness, compassion, and selflessness. Spiritual practices, such as attending spiritual classes and receiving deeksha (initiation) from a guru, can provide valuable guidance on this journey. The Paramporul Foundation, under the guidance of Guru Mahavishnu, has been offering such services for many years, teaching philosophical ideas and the path to liberation.


The divine resides within each of us. We must live for others, embody compassion, and perform good deeds to awaken this divinity. Doing so purifies our souls and moves us closer to attaining mukthi. Embrace selflessness and spiritual growth to lead a true happiness and fulfillment life, ultimately achieving liberation.