In a world where skepticism often reigns, the spiritual path is frequently met with doubt and questioning. However, true wisdom in spirituality lies in accepting criticism and embracing the pains along the journey. It is said that a person devoid of ego does not experience pain, as it is not the mind but the “me” that faces suffering. This blog delves into the profound concept of shedding the arrogance of the “me” to attain a divine state, emphasizing the common thread among various spiritual teachings – the need to transcend the “I” state to reach God.

1. The Challenge of the Ego:

One of the central hurdles in the pursuit of spiritual wisdom is the ego, the sense of self that often leads to suffering. By understanding that it is the “me” that truly faces pain, we can begin to address the root cause of our inner turmoil.

2. Gradual Self-Transformation:

Spiritual growth is a gradual process. It involves a conscious effort to dismantle the arrogance of the “me” that keeps us entangled in worldly concerns. By living in this life with awareness and intention, we can take steps toward liberation.

3. The Quest for Mukthi (Liberation):

One of the key principles echoed in various spiritual teachings is the necessity of dismantling the ego and the “I” state. Liberation, or moksha, remains an elusive destination, and one cannot predict when it will be attained. Wisdom is the gateway to mukthi, and it is the purpose of our existence in this world.

4. Unlocking the Inner Wisdom:

Deep within each of us lies a wellspring of wisdom. This wisdom is the source of our connection to the supreme power that created all things. To break free from the cycle of birth and death, one must activate this inner wisdom.

5. The Human Experience:

We are born as human beings for a reason. While we have the freedom to pursue various desires and experiences, it is vital to recognize the true purpose of our existence. Beyond the material world, our ultimate goal should be to attain liberation.


In a world filled with skepticism, the spiritual path often faces scrutiny. However, the true essence of spirituality lies in the wisdom gained by accepting criticism and transcending the ego. By gradually shedding the arrogance of the “me,” we move closer to liberation. This lifelong journey is about unlocking the inner wisdom that connects us to the supreme power and escaping the cycle of birth and death. As human beings, it is our profound purpose to understand the real meaning of life and embark on the path to liberation.