In the mystical realm of spirituality, seekers often yearn for the blessings of revered siddhars and mahans. These divine beings, revered for their enlightenment and supernatural abilities, are believed to guide and bless those who seek their grace. However, the journey to receive their blessings is not merely about making requests; it’s about embodying compassion and selflessness.

Understanding the Essence of Siddhars:

Delve into the mystical realm of siddhars and mahans, revered for their enlightenment and spiritual prowess. Explore the significance of jeevasamadhi and mahasamadhi, the sacred resting places where their divine presence is believed to reside.

The Path to Receiving Blessings:

Emphasize the importance of cultivating eligibility through selfless actions and compassionate deeds. The siddhars and Mahans expect only one thing from seekers: compassion toward others in need. Illustrate how selflessly you help and care for others without expecting anything in return paves the way for divine blessings.

Navigating Interactions with Siddhars:

Offer guidance on approaching encounters with living siddhars, emphasizing respect and adherence to their philosophies. Stress the transformative potential of even a brief moment of connection with a siddhar, capable of catalyzing profound life changes.

Visiting Jeevasamadhi with Reverence:

Advocate for visiting jeevasamadhi with a heart full of reverence and humility, refraining from materialistic desires. Immerse yourselves in acts of service and kindness while in the presence of the divine, allowing blessings to flow naturally.


In the pursuit of blessings from siddhars and Mahans, the path of compassion shines brightly. By embodying selflessness, fulfilling responsibilities, and serving others with sincerity, seekers can open themselves to the divine grace that flows through these revered beings. As we journey through life, let us remember that true blessings come not from what we ask for, but from the depth of our compassion and service to others.