Lord Shiva is one of the most powerful Gods, and how will it feel if we have such God with us. Mercury Beads at the right person’s hand at the right time, it is like the Lord Shiva itself is with him. Not everyone can have that Mercury Beads Ceremony but our Guru has had it and here in this article, our Guru, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu talks about the power of Authentic Mercury Beads and how better it can make one’s life. Let us get into the article.

Key points about this article:

  1. Guruve Sharanam!
  2. Not all the mercury Beads are Authenticate beads.
  3. The power of mercury beads is not something that comes from outside rather it comes from inside of us.
  4. If one can raise the semen to the head just above the temple point and if it gets solidified, then it is like he has attained all the spirituality in life.
  5. There are a very few persons who are doing Mercury Beads Ceremony nowadays. Some do for for good reasons, and some do for wrong things.
  6. When the right person has the Mercury Beads in his hand, then it is like having Lord Shiva in hand. It will grasp only the good and positive things in life.

The Power of Mercury Beads(Alchemy) in our Human Life:

This video has been transcripted from the YouTube video by Bramma Sri Mahavishnu and the following the the corresponding YouTube link.

First of all, not all the mercury beads are authentic one. There are a lot that has been done as a business to earn money. Hence, a authentic Mercury Bead(Alchemy) does not come from outside rather it comes from the inside of us. According yo Paramahamsa, A Sukilyam is not a Glue like structure, rather raising the Semen the the point of temple in the forward.

Mercury is nothing but the combination of Venus and Neptune which is nothing but the Lord Shiva

It has also to be noted is that if one can raise and solidify Semen to the point where Women keep Bindi, that is, just above the temple of the forehead, then he will attain all the spirituality in life. Talking about Mercury beads, not many today are available to do this and only a very few are doing it. Not everyone can have these Mercury Beads with them or go through the Mercury Beads Ceremony, as only the right and an understanding and the best person can earn this in life and with that , it is like having Lord Shiva on his side. His life will be nothing but good and positivity.

Conclusion of the Article:

Mercury Beads are extremely powerful. Not everyone can have it. Only a right person, with best quality can achieve it in life just like our Guru, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu does. Our Guru is still giving and will give the Mercury beads Ceremony to the ones who really are in need and not just everyone as everyone cannot withstand the journey of Mercury Beads unless he is the right and qualified person. Guruve Sharanam!

Thank you for your time and patience.