In the tapestry of life, the concept of reincarnation suggests that our actions, both good and bad, tether us to a cycle of births. The pursuit of liberation, therefore, hinges on transcending these deeds to attain spiritual freedom. In a modern era filled with toxicity in the air we breathe and the food we consume, the clamor of technology, especially in the IT sector, has further veiled our path to inner peace. Let’s delve deeper into this conundrum.

The Burden of Deeds:

The fundamental principle driving reincarnation is the balance sheet of deeds. Good deeds earn merit while bad ones accumulate karmic debt, both influencing subsequent births. The aspiration for liberation necessitates the nullification of this balance—achieving a state where deeds hold no dominion over our destiny.

Modern Trappings and Spiritual Detriment:

Amidst our digital age, many find themselves engrossed in relentless work, tethered to screens that steal away precious sleep. The importance of rest, especially nocturnal repose, is underscored not merely for physical rejuvenation but also for cosmic energy absorption. Yet, the ceaseless scroll of screens often deprives us of this vital replenishment.

The Deteriorating World:

The external world mirrors our inner landscapes. As the environment deteriorates, saturating our air and food with toxicity, it parallels the turmoil within our souls. Escaping this entanglement becomes imperative as the world edges towards increasing degradation.

Liberation Amidst Life’s Turmoil:

The yearning for liberation isn’t a distant pilgrimage but a journey to be undertaken amidst the chaotic fabric of life. Liberation isn’t merely an escape from the cycle of birth and death but an awakening within this very existence.

The Significance of the Soul:

The essence of being lies not in the vessel of flesh but in the intangible soul it houses. When the soul departs, the body is mere matter. The veneration and value attributed to the body only exist when it serves as a vessel for the soul’s journey.


In this labyrinthine world, liberation isn’t an isolated destination but a perpetual quest amidst the clamor of existence. To seek spiritual freedom demands a meticulous calibration of deeds, a detachment from the chaos, and an immersion into the core of the soul. The world may spiral into disarray, but within lies the realm of transcendence, awaiting discovery amid life’s whirlwind.