This article is going to be one of the very essential ones as almost all of us will be going through this in our day-to-day life. How to manage work pressure in a work environment? Well, you are at the right place. Here in this article, our Guru Bramma Sri Mahavishnu from Paramporul Foundation will take us through the insights of handling the work pressure and living a peaceful and happy life.

Key points about this Article:

  • God is my Asylum(Guruve Sharanam)
  • Work Pressure to an Employee in a Work Environment is totally understandable.
  • It is not right to blame the Employers too as they have their own concerns.
  • Never be worried if you get terminated from your work. A better opportunity is waiting for you somewhere else as long as you are talented and ethical.
  • If the pressure is too much, take a couple of days, do the things that you like, go on a vacation, and rejuvenate yourself and then come back for your job.
  • Your Mind is your Biggest Asset and you have to learn to keep it happy and peaceful.
  • If acting for a good cause can keep you and your circle happy and not hurt others, then it is considered good and ethical.

How to Manage Work Pressure and Live a Happy and Peaceful Life?

This article is transcripted from YouTube by Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, the founder of the Paramporul Foundation. Here is the YouTube Video Link.

A warm welcome to all the readers. Nowadays, we will find a lot of persons going through Work Stress or Work Pressure. This is building up as a very big issue and is affecting the life and the lifestyle of an individual and a family. On one hand, Employees are pushed way too much in work and they start to get scared and develop a lot of Work Pressure. On the other hand, Employers think that if small freedom is given to the employees, then the Employees may take advantage of it and sit on their top and show attitude. Both have their own valid points. Hence, all it takes is to find a balanced one for the lifelong, and the best way to achieve it is by acting according to the situation. Be an actor.

Why does one go through the Work Pressure:

For instance, when a good person who is working well and ethical is going through a lot of work pressure, no one is going to hurt him. At the maximum, he will be questioned, overloaded, or get terminated from his job. An Employee should realize that if he gets terminated, then some better opportunity is waiting for him and it will come to him handy for sure.

Regarding the Work Pressure, you are doing good work yet the work is too much that you are totally frustrated with it, then take leave for a couple of days and start doing things that will you like, go on a vacation, rejuvenate yourself, and then you come back for the work. Your work will be much better.

Your Mind is your Biggest Asset- Learn why?

As the title says, your mind is your biggest asset, and it is our responsibility to keep it happy and peaceful. We should leave to keep our Mind, Body, and Emotions happier. That is the key to break any kind of pressure particularly your Work Environment Pressure.

We are all Actors in this Stage called as World:

Be Like Water

~Bruce Lee

Yes, it is correct. Sometimes, we have to act. If it is for a good cause, then we can act, we can pretend, and it is applicable for the Work Environment too. Never oppose anyone. Never earn their Envy. If they are bad and if they are not going to listen, then pretend good to them yet inform of the concern so that any worse that is bound to happen can be stopped.

Learn from your Lessons:

A problem arises not to give you trouble rather make you learn a lesson from it and therefore, you can avoid it if the same arises in the future and it will also make sure smart enough to tackle other problems too. Hence, learn the lessons from your problem otherwise it will put you down again and again.

Conclusion of the Article:

Learn Lessons from your Problems, Keep your Mind and Body happy, and peaceful, Act if you can make good things happen. Never worry about your Work Environment Pressure anymore. Guruve Sharanam!

Thank you for your time and patience.