We welcome all our users on the important topic today, that is how the partnership should be between a Husband and Wife in a Marriage, and is it possible for a husband to live peacefully after the marriage? Before getting into the article, it should be noted that it is very possible for a husband to live peacefully after marriage, and for a wife to live peacefully after marriage too. There are certain points that have to be addressed and changed if required so that their life will be in Harmony and we will see about them in this article.

Key Points about this Article:

  • It is highly impossible for a Husband and Wife to understand each other. It is their Basic Nature.
  • A marriage can be kept in harmony and both the Husband and Wife can live peacefully by adjusting several things depending on the situation.
  • The important rule to Marriage is to live the life enjoyable and stop trying to understand each other
  • Problems will arise after marriage. One should be able to forget them right away otherwise, one can never be happy in a relationship
  • Husbands should Embrace, appreciate, and Love their wives from the heart and not from the brain.

Husband Wife Partnership in a Marriage- Is it possible for Husbands to live a happy & peaceful life?

This article is transcripted from the YouTube Video by Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, the founder of the Paramporul Foundation. Here is the YouTube Video Link.

This is definitely an interesting topic. First of all, Marriage is a very big responsibility. It is not an easy thing. A human will have a lot of needs out of which Food, and Physical Pleasure is very important. With Marriage, a husband and wife tend to mutually share things and needs such as Family, Food, Affection, Children, Economic Status, Physical Pleasure, and so on.

Nowadays, most couples are not happy after marriage and here, we will see How Husbands can keep their life Peaceful after Marriage.

Start Loving your Wife from Heart & Embrace Them:

Unlike Husband, A wife who is a Home Maker will be on a tedious routine 24*7 and 365 days and they are totally home bounded. On the other hand, a husband visits a lot of places in a day, meeting up with a lot of people and hence in one way or another, he is getting an opportunity to get relieved from all his stress which a wife does not and thereby putting all the stress on the Husband and that is when a Husband can do the following things to embrace and appreciate her.

  • Love her from the Heart and not from your Brain.
  • Show your Love to her no matter how many years you have been married.
  • Make her feel special with unexpected Kisses and Cuddles.
  • Try to get what does she expect and give it to her even before she opens up about that.
  • Always respect her in person and as well as in public.

What about the Problems that comes after Marriage?

Problems can be hectic particularly after Marriage but know one thing, a problem does not pop up just like that without involving you and it can always be fixed. Moreover, if there is a problem between a husband and wife, then it is better to forget about the problem at the very day itself which is also the key point to keep a Marriage in harmony and to live a Peaceful Life.

Marriage is to enjoy and not to understand about each other. Hence enjoy the life together!

Conclusion of the Article:

The above key points can be a life-changing one if followed and for a husband to live peacefully after marriage, Love his Wife from his heart. That is the best solution. Guruve Sharanam!

Thank you for your time and patience.