Let’s see how to take a shower the right way healthily. There are many things that you need to notice and follow while bathing. First, you need to be conscious of the soapy floor since it might be slippery. Also, you should keenly watch over the sharp edges to avoid hurting yourself. Apart from all these, you need to primarily check the shower gel or any kinds of stuff that you use on your body and its effects on your skin.

Soaps and Shampoo

The soap that you use is made of certain chemicals so you need to check whether it is organic before bringing it into contact with your skin. Also, the shampoo that we use is made of chemicals to produce more lather. This shampoo and conditioner completely overtook the herbal powder. They may make our hair look smooth and shiny but it eventually causes hair fall. Your hair roots will become weak and thus leads to hair fall. These all happen due to the chemical reaction of the chemicals products used in it.

What is bathing sequence?

Another important thing to consider while taking shower is the sequence of bathing. If you take a hot shower bath, you have to start bathing from your toes to your head. Whereas you take a cold shower bath you need to follow it and vice versa. The reason why we should follow this is it helps to release body heat from our body. It also helps to release the tension in the body and relax the muscles.

Why is Salt water bath necessary?

The other way for taking a healthy shower is to take a saltwater bath. Once or twice a month as per your convenience, you can add salt to the water and take bath. Or else you can also take bath in the sea if you can go. The saltwater has the property to help you to get rid of evil energies, and negative energies and cleanse your soul and body.

What are the benefits of oil bath?

You can get organic soaps and use them on your body to get glowing skin. If you can get herbal powder, you can use that as well. In addition to this, women can take oil baths on Tuesdays and Fridays. However, men can take oil baths on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Applying an oil bath helps to hydrate your skin and reduces your body temperature and removes heat from your body. It aids in the removal of gas from the intestines and relieves cramping pain. This oil bath practice heals nerve disorders. You can lead a healthy life by taking a proper shower. This is a must for those who practice yoga and meditation.

Things to consider while taking oil bath

Make sure not to drink buttermilk or tender coconut while you take an oil bath. Also, don’t nap during the day after taking an oil bath. If you sleep it will further lower the body temperature and you get sick. You have to bathe in hot water when you apply oil. These are a few things to consider while taking an oil bath. When you take a shower properly and healthily, your body functions well and you won’t get sick.