This article transcripts the words of Bramma Sri Mahavishnu’s YouTube Video on “Is overeating Good or Bad for Health”. To make things crystal clear, it should be noted that overeating is never good for health, and our health is our biggest asset to live this life. Let us check out a lot more valuable points from our Guru, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu in this article:

Key Points about this article:

  1. Health is Wealth.
  2. Eat to satisfy your Hunger and not to fill your stomach.
  3. Always keep your stomach half empty for a healthy life.
  4. Don’t get addicted to the tastes of food. Ultimately, food is the energy resource to our body, and the taste has really nothing to do with it.
  5. Chew the food well, and then eat.
  6. Keep 7 hours of time gap between your every meal.

Is overeating Good or Bad for Health:

Without any doubt, it is bad for health. There are two kinds of problems. One can arise from our mind, and the other can arise from our Body. The root cause of almost all the diseases of our body will be related to our Food, and Food habits.

Eat the right amount of food:

Eat food only to satisfy your hunger and not to fill your stomach. Always, keep half of your stomach empty. Give 7 hours of gap between your meals and by doing that, our body will have time to fix it by itself. The most important thing is to chew the food properly and then swallow. There are a lot of researches supporting this statement of chewing the food, and eating helps people stay away from a number of diseases.

Health is Wealth

Conclusion of the Article:

Some can be rich, but there will be too many problems in their body that they cannot enjoy this life. Hence, health is our most valuable asset, and our eating habits will decide how healthier we can be. Eat food for your hunger and not for taste, chew the food properly, and give 7 hours of gap before each meal, and you will have a healthy life. Guruve Sharanam!

Thank you for your time and patience.