Here in this article, we will discuss one of the important topics of our life, How to Parent your Child? Children are a beautiful gift of life and they are the one who keeps the line running in this world. However, a lot of parents actually are struggling to teach their children the things they wish to as understanding about parenting a child is very essential to communicate with them in the first place. Let us see what our Guru, Bramma Sri Mahavishnu says about Parenting a Child.

Key Points of this Article:

  • A child learns only 10 percent from his parents and the rest is all from Society and effects(both Good and Bad) from its previous birth.
  • A parent should not impose his thoughts on his children rather one can just share it in a way they can understand comfortably.
  • every child is unique in their own way and hence, we have to understand that and approach them.
  • Children are much intelligent nowadays than Parents from meeting up with the technologies to getting the maturity.
  • Before trying to teach a child, a parent should understand the child and do it accordingly.
  • Love your child but don’t be possessive & Controlling.

Parenting your Child- What is the Right way to do?

This article is transcripted from the YouTube Video by Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, the founder of the Paramporul Foundation. Here is the YouTube Video Link.

Most parents are worried that their children are not listening to them properly. Though the parents are trying to teach good things, share their good past life experience, children never really are into it and most times, children get angry with their parents when they try to do some teaching. The humble suggestion is that before trying to teach a child, it is better for a parent to understand his child and learn to teach him in a way that he finds interesting.

Billions of Humans on Earth- Yet Everyone is Unique in their own way:

Like the title says, in spite of the fact that there are billions of humans living in this world, each individual is unique in their own way. Likewise, a child is also unique and he may really not enjoy it if a parent tries to impose things on him rather the parent should know what his child likes and how does he like it, and then the parent should try to put forth in front the child. That is the effective way.

Finally, Accept the Reality:

Yes, it is time to accept the reality. How hard a parent can try, it is society that is going to play a vital role in the life of a child. More than learning from a parent, a child learns from his society, and also the previous birth effects of the child also influence his life in this birth.

Conclusion of the Article:

Children may be difficult to understand but not when we know about them and we know the right way to approach them and never impose things into them claiming that he is my child and I own him. Love him, teach him the right things in the right way, and let him live his life. Guruve Sharanam!

Thank you for your time and patience.