In the heart of Velachery lies a sacred site that has transformed the lives of many—a place where the ethereal energy of Siddhar Chidambara Periyaswamigal’s jeeva samadhi radiates profound wisdom and blessings. The legacy of this revered Siddhar continues to resonate, drawing seekers from far and wide to partake in the transformative Guru Pooja held annually on December 10.

Unraveling the Siddhar’s Essence:

Chidambaram Periyaswamigal, a luminary among the Siddhars, transcended mortal boundaries and attained jeeva samadhi, leaving behind a legacy steeped in spiritual prowess. Stories echo through time of how this Siddhar aided kings in bygone eras, resolving their most intricate dilemmas with his profound wisdom and mystical abilities.

The Power of Jeeva Samadhi:

The jeeva samadhi of Chidambaram Periyaswamigal holds an unparalleled aura of transcendence. Visiting this sacred site isn’t merely a pilgrimage—it’s an encounter with an energy that has the potential to unlock dormant wisdom within oneself. Countless individuals have attested to life-altering transformations after experiencing the sanctity of this revered place.

Guru Pooja: An Invitation to Transformation:

Every year, on December 10, devotees and seekers congregate for the Guru Pooja—a reverential celebration paying homage to the Siddhar’s enlightened existence. The air is thick with devotion as participants immerse themselves in rituals and prayers, seeking to absorb the divine blessings and guidance that emanate from the jeeva samadhi.

Transformative Experiences:

The impact of visiting Chidambara Periyaswamigal’s jeeva samadhi is profound and multifaceted. Many share personal accounts of experiencing healing, newfound clarity, and a deeper connection to their inner selves. The energy permeating this sacred space has a remarkable capacity to steer individuals towards a more purposeful and fulfilled life.

Embracing Spiritual Evolution:

Beyond the realms of mundane existence, the pilgrimage to the jeeva samadhi becomes a journey toward spiritual evolution. It encourages introspection, ignites spiritual growth, and fosters a deeper understanding of life’s mysteries. The teachings and energy of Chidambaram Periyaswamigal continue to guide and inspire seekers on their quest for enlightenment.


The jeeva samadhi of Chidambaram Periyaswamigal stands as a beacon of spiritual enlightenment, offering solace, wisdom, and transformation to all who seek it. The annual Guru Pooja serves as an invitation to partake in this profound experience, inviting individuals to embrace a life enriched by the divine blessings and insights bestowed by this revered Siddhar. Truly, the legacy of Chidambaram Periyaswamigal transcends time, continuing to touch and transform lives, leading them toward a path of higher consciousness and spiritual fulfillment.