Initially, everyone gets scared of Spirituality. Why is that? Is it because Spirituality makes one person leave his family, children, properties, and all. If you think so, then take a let at this article by our brother Bramma Sri Mahavishnu on “Society and Family Pressure in Spirituality Life”. It will give you the actual truth.

Society and Family Pressure in Spiritual Life:

This article has been transcribed from YouTube by Bramma Sri Mahavishnu, the founder of Paramporul Foundation, and the following is the YouTube video link.

Initial impressions of Spirituality are always “Getting scared of it”. Why so? Is it because it requires one to leave everything they have earned in life? No, it is totally wrong. Spirituality does not mean that one should leave his name, fame, family, children, money, properties, etc. Spirituality is something that tells us the Truth. Spirituality gives us the wisdom to understand which is real and which is an illusion in this endless universe.

Let us take an example. The processing of Lip to Lip Kissing. It happens between two persons out of love or for sexual desires. Spirituality is against kissing? No, it definitely is not. Instead, Spirituality will let us understand its process. Even if we don’t kiss a person if we watch a video, we still get aroused. So, what does it means is that it is all about the Mind? The data is in the mind more than the Physical contact. Spirituality teaches us this and will help us handle our mind and control it so that we can be conscious all the time. Why does it happen and how it happens, and all? Spirituality will make us realize the illusions of this material world. If one wishes to pursue the wisdom, the truth, the reality of this universe, then he will pursue Spirituality for sure. His own family can be an obstacle for him because we are used to living in the world as it is. Guruve Sharanam

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