Embarking on a spiritual quest often leads to profound encounters with revered personalities. Recently, I had the privilege of visiting the Jeevasamadhi of Bramma Sri Anandha Natarajar nestled in Kutlampatti, Madurai. Managed by the knowledgeable Bramma Sri Latha and Bramma Sri Ganesan, practitioners of Siddha Vidhai for over three decades, this sacred site is a testament to the wonders and miracles attributed to the Siddhar Bramma Sri Anandha Natarajar.

The Spiritual Guardians:

Diving into the mystical realm, Bramma Sri Latha and Bramma Sri Ganesan serve as dedicated custodians, harnessing their 30 years of Siddha Vidhai practice. The profound guidance is evident in their management of this divine space.

The Miraculous Siddhar:

Bramma Sri Anandha Natarajar, a Siva Yogi excelling in medicine, is renowned for performing wonders and miracles. This spiritual luminary’s presence imparts a transformative energy to those who seek solace and enlightenment at the Jeevasamadhi.

Becoming a Spiritual Being:

In the vast tapestry of spiritual evolution, discipline, compassion, and meditation emerge as pivotal threads. Recognizing the divine essence in every person and everything around us, a habitual merging of belief fosters the inner glow that leads to spiritual enlightenment.

The Power of Siddha Vidhai:

Comparing Siddha Vidhai to a double-edged knife, it is emphasized that caution is paramount in wielding this potent tool. It serves as a guiding force in life, offering a pathway to attain Jeevasamadhi – a state of profound spiritual consciousness.

Seeing Others as Souls:

A fundamental shift in perspective is advocated, urging individuals to view others not as mere bodies but as souls. Various Yogams, each unique and special, guide seekers on their journey towards divinity.

Compassion and Wisdom:

Vallalar’s wisdom echoes the significance of compassion, asserting that through compassion, one evolves into a radiant being of light. Meditation becomes a transformative practice, with a recommended commitment of at least one hour daily.

Journey to Jeevasamadhi:

To experience the profound impact of Bramma Sri Anandha Natarajar’s energy, pilgrims are encouraged to visit the Jeevasamadhi and engage in worship and meditation. The gamma rays emitted from this sacred space are believed to cleanse karmic deposits, offering a unique spiritual purification.


In the pursuit of spiritual awakening, the journey to Bramma Sri Anandha Natarajar’s Jeevasamadhi unveils a tapestry woven with discipline, compassion, meditation, and the profound teachings of Siddha Vidhai. Embracing the divine essence within and around us, this pilgrimage serves as a transformative odyssey toward enlightenment.