The question of what happens to siddhars or gurus after they attain Mukthi (liberation) is a profound one that has intrigued spiritual seekers for centuries. The concept of Mukthi is central to many Eastern philosophies and religions, signifying the ultimate release from the cycle of birth and death. But what lies beyond this state of liberation? Let’s explore the realms that these enlightened beings traverse after they depart from the physical world.

Transcending Earthly Boundaries

Upon attaining Mukthi, the soul of a siddhar or guru transcends the limitations of earthly existence. No longer confined by physical form, these enlightened beings attain a state of pure light. This ethereal transformation allows them to move effortlessly across the cosmos, unbound by time or space. The soul, now liberated, possesses the ability to travel at the speed of light, exploring planets, dimensions, and realms beyond our comprehension.

Presence Across the Universe

In their enlightened state, siddhars and gurus become omnipresent. Their essence permeates the very fabric of the universe, existing not only on Earth but extending to the furthest reaches of existence. Having merged with the divine, their presence is felt everywhere, from the air we breathe to the stars in the sky. This universal presence signifies their unity with the supreme intelligence that governs all of creation.

The Limitless Capabilities of the Enlightened

The capabilities of siddhars and gurus in their liberated state are beyond the scope of human understanding. Freed from the constraints of the physical world, they possess a wisdom that surpasses all earthly knowledge. This supreme intelligence allows them to perceive and influence the universe in ways that are unimaginable to us. Whether they choose to observe humanity, guide spiritual seekers, or traverse the vast expanses of the cosmos, their actions are governed by an all-encompassing wisdom.

Beyond Words: The Inexpressible Nature of Mukthi

Describing the state of Mukthi in mere words is an impossible task. The experience of merging with the divine and attaining supreme intelligence transcends linguistic expression. It is a state of being that can only be fully understood through direct experience. As such, any attempt to articulate the nature of Mukthi will invariably fall short of capturing its true essence.

Conclusion: The Supreme Intelligence of Mukthi

The journey of siddhars and gurus after attaining Mukthi is one of boundless exploration and infinite wisdom. As beings of light, they exist beyond the physical realm, their presence felt throughout the universe. Their supreme intelligence allows them to transcend earthly limitations, offering profound and transformative guidance and insight. While the true nature of Mukthi remains indescribable, the influence of these enlightened souls continues to inspire and elevate humanity, pointing the way toward our spiritual liberation.