To attain Mukthi or liberation, one must sever all attachments to the physical world. This profound journey requires a deep understanding that everything in this material realm, whether things or people, is transient and illusory.

Trust Only in the Divine

True trust should be reserved solely for the divine. The transient nature of worldly attachments means that they cannot offer true solace or fulfillment. Placing trust in anything other than the divine leads to distractions from the spiritual path.

Living Without Attachment

Living a life free from attachment involves maintaining a mindset of detachment. Recognize that all relationships and possessions are temporary and driven by mutual needs. This realization helps in cultivating a mature perspective on human interactions and material possessions.

The Challenge of Deep Spirituality

As one delves deeper into spirituality, the journey becomes increasingly challenging. Understanding and internalizing the concept that nothing in this world is true or real is essential. This mindset aids in navigating the complexities of spiritual practice.

The Fleeting Nature of Thoughts

Our minds are constantly generating thoughts, which are often fleeting and ever-changing. It is crucial not to place undue importance on these transient mental constructs. Instead, focus on the enduring truth of the spiritual path.

The Purpose of Human Existence

The ultimate purpose of human life is to attain Moksha and unite with the divine. All other activities are mere distractions and time. Recognizing this fundamental truth is pivotal in aligning one’s life with the spiritual quest.

The Role of Compassion in Spiritual Growth

Compassion is a gateway to spiritual awakening. By nurturing compassion and empathy for all living beings, one can awaken the sixth sense. This heightened sense fosters deeper connections with the divine and propels one further along the path to Mukthi.


The path to Mukthi is a journey of shedding attachments, trusting solely in the divine, and understanding the illusory nature of the physical world. By embracing compassion and focusing on the ultimate goal of uniting with the divine, one can transcend the transient distractions of earthly life and achieve true liberation.