Our primary duty is to help people and show compassion. This does not necessitate constant travel with a spiritual guru. Instead, we should follow the guru’s philosophies, which will guide us on our path.

The Challenge of Surrender

Surrendering to a guru is challenging, and surrendering to God is even more so. Both God and the guru will test your quality of surrender and dedication. Surrender is difficult because knowledge continuously prompts questions and doubts. A guru will test the disciple thoroughly.

Seeking Wisdom

A disciple should seek wisdom from the guru, not material gains or trivial knowledge. Humility is essential in this pursuit. Arrogance has no place in the relationship with a guru, who embodies a powerful energy that reflects whatever is given. Hence, showcasing one’s knowledge or pride is futile and counterproductive.

The Importance of Humility

Humility and compassion towards the guru and respect for all living beings are crucial. Love and respect for all, recognizing that everyone who teaches you something is a guru, embodies the principle of guru gratitude and devotion. Gratitude opens the path for divine blessings.

Guru and the Spiritual Path

Remember that the guru is also on their spiritual journey. Disciples must maintain humility and maturity to progress to higher levels of spiritual development. Arrogance, especially stemming from knowledge, hinders this progress.


Our journey with a guru involves compassion, humility, and a continuous quest for wisdom. Embodying these values, we honor our guru and align ourselves with the divine path.