Everyone is very blessed to attend this class and also to know about the five types of Kosha through this blog. There are five types of Kosha: Annamaya Kosha, Pranamaya Kosha, Manomaya Kosha, Vignamaya Kosha, and Anandamaya Kosha. Let’s see about the Koshas and how to enter the 10th entrance through Yoga practice.

How to transcend the stages of Kosha?

All human beings must transcend these Kosha stages through meditation or Yoga practice. If you don’t, you will face death and take the next birth to transcend these stages. It’s a huge game and God would have set a lot of obstacles for you to tackle. You must withstand and go through all the problems including family problems, business conflicts, etc. However, you need to sort out these problems using your knowledge. If you wish for more wealth, your desires double and triple but don’t decrease any time. You should develop a habit of feeling enough with your wealth. When the desires increases, your prana Sakthi isn’t enough to attain since you are in a competitive world.

What is 10th entrance?

Every human being should pass through the five Koshas which was mentioned above. Annamaya Kosha is nothing but the food that you intake. Our bodies will change into the food that we consume. For example, if you take only chicken, your body will be infused completely with chicken and make you feel sick. Vallalar says that one should take care of their body to enter the tenth entrance. He also says that the tenth entrance has a very thin hole with an upper layer in yellow color and a lower layer in white. Mind is wherever you think. If you think about legs, your mind will think about that. Similarly, if you think about any part of the body, your mind will think about that.

How to see the flame?

This mind which is traveling throughout your body is the chemical reaction of protons, neutrons and electrons. These elements which will be traveling here and there will fuse when we focus on one particular thing. While they meet together, it ignites fire energy. That fire energy will be visible as a form of flame between the eyebrows. We need to practice seeing flame because then only these elements fuse and lead you to the 10th entrance.

The concept of Dwara Balakar

Humans have two holes in the back of the tongue which is called Dwara Balakar and this is a concept followed in temples where you can see Dwara Balakar at the entrance of every temple. Whenever you enter the sanctum you should have to pass through the Dwara Balakar and bend and go. The reason is to denote that everyone should be very alert and conscious while entering the sanctum.

Importance of focusing

Our minds will wander everywhere. But we need to concentrate on one particular thing and focus on it. You need to practice focusing by making all your thoughts come to the center point between your eyebrows. It is believed that God lies between the eyebrows and you need to induce the divine power lying in between. Few people will feel the flame within a few days of yoga practice. But wherein other few wouldn’t have felt it even after months of practice. It depends on every human being and the actions they perform.

How to enter 10th entrance?

You should practice without any expectations. When you concentrate and bring your focus entirely to one single point then the atoms will break into pieces. By that you wouldn’t be able to control your body, however, you should not lose your concentration and focus on it. Then gradually the heat which is produced by your body will melt the ligament which blocks you from entering the 10th entrance. Vallalar says that the 10th entrance is behind the very thin ligament. In the last minute of your death, your soul tries to leave the body. You need to properly take a breath to directly get Moksha or Mukthi. If you don’t, then your soul tries hard and leaves your body through any other openings like the eye, nose, or ear.

How to attain Moksha or Mukthi?

None of us are living the life we imagined. Few of you would have imagined a happy life with your partner but not leading as you wished. There are enormous responsibilities for us to satisfy in our life. We should focus on life to live our lives as we wished. Once your soul leaves your body, you cant bring it back. You should make things happen and live your life happily and should attain Moksha before your soul leaves your body. Therefore, these are the koshas to enter the 10th entrance.