In the vast tapestry of existence, the concept of God has been a source of profound contemplation and reflection for centuries. While some may question the very existence of a divine force, others find solace in attributing the creation of the universe to an omnipotent being. In this exploration, we delve into the enigmatic realm of cosmic knowledge, supreme consciousness, and the timeless essence that many refer to as God.

Unraveling the Unanswerable:

One of the age-old questions that have intrigued philosophers and seekers alike is the query of who created God. This paradoxical inquiry challenges our understanding and urges us to transcend the limitations of human comprehension. As we navigate through the cosmic knowledge that eludes our grasp, it becomes apparent that God exists beyond the boundaries of creation – a divine light material filling the universe.

The Incomprehensible Nature of God:

The essence of God is described as cosmic knowledge, supreme wisdom, and a consciousness that transcends the grasp of human understanding. This ineffable nature underscores the idea that if God could be fully comprehended by the human mind, then the very essence of divinity would be diminished. In contemplating the divine, we acknowledge the limitations of our understanding and embrace the idea that God exists beyond the realm of human comprehension.

God as the Permanent Presence:

At the core of this exploration lies the recognition that God is the only permanent entity in the ever-changing universe. Referred to as divine supreme power, existence, or a cosmic light particle, this eternal presence persists through time and space. Unlike the transient nature of created things, God stands as the unchanging, omnipresent force that has been, is, and will be for eternity.

The Essence of God and Love:

In contemplating the nature of God, it becomes evident that the divine is intrinsically connected to love and compassion. The cosmic knowledge and supreme wisdom that define God are intertwined with the qualities of benevolence and empathy. This realization invites us to understand God not only as a creator but as a source of boundless love that permeates the fabric of existence.

The Uncreated Creator:

One fundamental aspect emphasized in this exploration is the uncreated nature of God. Drawing a parallel with scientific principles, where energy can neither be created nor destroyed but can only be transformed, God is perceived as the uncreated force behind the creation of the universe. This perspective invites us to ponder the divine as both the creator and the essence of all created things.


In navigating the complexities of the concept of God, we find ourselves on a journey of contemplation, reflection, and awe. The divine light material that fills the universe, the cosmic knowledge beyond comprehension, and the eternal essence of God beckon us to explore the profound mysteries that lie at the heart of existence. As we seek to understand the unanswerable, we are reminded that the essence of God transcends the boundaries of human perception, inviting us to embrace the divine with humility, reverence, and an open heart.