If you meditate, be generous, and surrender yourself to God you will see a lot of positive changes in your life growth. God will protect you from people who wish bad things for you. However, you can get God’s blessings only when you follow morality, meditate, and be generous and kind to others. After attaining this stage whatever words you tell becomes true but you should not show self-pride.

Humble nature and blessings

Self-pride kills the power of your growth. You should not show self-pride when your words and thoughts come true in reality. Each and everyone should be humble and modest to attain the highest level in the spiritual world. We can bless anyone around us with pure heart and soul. For example, if you touch someone and genuinely wish good for them, it will become true. Your words will become true when you genuinely and honestly wish for something. If you do kind things it gives your brain a boost and it will make you feel good.

What are the benefits of helping others?

The great saint Vallalar beautifully said the following statements. He said that if you offer food to hungry people or any living being you will never get hurt by the blazing sun during the summer season. Also, he said that you won’t suffer even in terrible cold winter; the fallen angels never harm you. You won’t get into darkness and everyone around you will treat you with huge respect. If you pour yourself out to hungry and help them to come out of deprivation, you will be blessed and no misfortunes will ever happen in your life. Thus offer food to poor and hungry people; the smile on their faces after receiving food says it all. You will be blessed forever in your life when you help others.