Vellaikaran, meaning “servant of God,” is a remarkable spiritual figure inspired by the teachings of Vallalar. Despite having only studied up to the 5th standard, Vellaikaran’s spiritual journey began in early childhood, sparked by his fascination with a Vallalar statue. This early inspiration led him to worship Vallalar and delve deeper into his teachings.

Journey to Vallalar Sangam

Accompanied by a friend, Vellaikaran started visiting the Vallalar Sangam, a place dedicated to Vallalar’s followers. His visits fueled his passion and devotion, further strengthening his resolve to follow Vallalar’s path. Over time, his dedication became evident to those around him.

Spiritual Guidance and Divine Water

As Vellaikaran’s reputation grew, people began seeking his counsel for their sins and worries. In response, he offered solace and divine water to those who adhered to a vegetarian diet. This divine water, believed to perform miracles, reportedly cured several diseases, further cementing Vellaikaran’s spiritual standing.

A Life of Austerity and Devotion

Vellaikaran has not bathed for over 32 years and has abstained from food for many years. Despite these extreme practices, he remains energetic and fresh, a testament to his deep spiritual connection. His experiences include visions of Lord Murugan, affirming his profound spiritual insights.

Teachings of Vellaikaran

Vellaikaran emphasizes the importance of seeing the divine within oneself. He advises against prioritizing temple visits over recognizing the divine presence within our bodies, which he considers the true temple.

Mahamandhiram and Devotion

To address life’s problems, Vellaikaran encourages chanting the Mahamandhiram: “Arutperumjyothi Thaniperumkarunai Arutperumjyothi Thaniperumkarunai.” This mantra, focusing on divine light and immense compassion, is a central aspect of his teachings.

Selfless Service and Compassion

Following Vallalar’s teachings, Vellaikaran advocates for selfless devotion to God and the importance of treating all living beings equally. He stresses the significance of donating food to the hungry, without discrimination based on caste or religion and viewing everyone as brothers and sisters.

Jeevakarunyaolukkam and Vegetarianism

Adherence to jeevakarunyaolukkam, a principle of non-violence and compassion, is crucial according to Vellaikaran. He urges followers to avoid non-vegetarian food and focus on spiritual practices that align with Vallalar’s teachings.


Vellaikaran’s life and teachings offer a unique and profound perspective on spirituality, rooted in the principles of Vallalar. His unwavering devotion, coupled with his extraordinary lifestyle, inspires those seeking a deeper connection with the divine. By embracing compassion, selflessness, and the recognition of the divine within, we can aspire to attain a higher spiritual state, as guided by Vellaikaran.