Let’s see why we are making mistakes in life in this blog. Spiderman said in The Avengers: “The power always comes with responsibility.” When you increase the nature of God in you, it will automatically increase your divine power. For example, let us consider a weight balance scale with two plates. The other side plate automatically increases when weight pulls down on one plate. Similarly, when we destroy our self-pride, divine power automatically increases. As soon as divine power increases, we can do what God does.

Who deserves power?

Now the problem is that we need an understanding of divine power. When the power is given to someone who doesn’t have a mature mind, it is similar to giving fire to a monkey’s hand; it will destroy everyone. God sometimes gives divine power to people with immature minds like Naragasooran and Bhathmasooran because of their severe penance, but he also sends saviors like Muruganeruman and other powerful people to destroy them. Therefore, immature power is essential.

Mantra to develop power

First, we need to develop a godly nature to acquire divine power, which is simple yet immense. Vallalar said, “We transform ourselves like God by knowing God’s nature.” Once we start practicing ourselves by understanding God’s nature, it will lead to divinity. God’s nature is giving, sacrificing, forgiving, and forgetting. God always sees how you give to others, not how much you give to them. “Karma vinai” always affects and makes you do wrong. Hence, guidance from a guru is always needed. Let’s follow the words of Gurus and reduce mistakes in life.