Human existence transcends mere survival; it beckons us toward a higher calling – the quest for mind emptiness. Beyond the confines of material comfort lies a profound duty: to delve deep within ourselves and unearth the essence of our being.

The Path to Emptiness

In our pursuit of mind emptiness, we must silence the incessant chatter of the mind, allowing the soul’s voice to resonate within us. This journey begins with cultivating inner peace and embracing the tranquility that eludes us amidst the chaos of our thoughts. Even in the stillness of sleep, the mind remains tirelessly active, but it is in the quietude of the soul that true serenity is found.

The Union of Mind and Soul

As the offspring of the soul, the mind yearns for reunion with its source. Through this merging, we attain the coveted state of mind emptiness. It is a profound union wherein the mind, having matured through the realization of the divine omnipresence, finds solace in the embrace of the soul. In this sacred union, wisdom dawns upon us, illuminating our path with divine clarity.

The Divine Conductor

Contrary to our perceived autonomy, we are but vessels guided by the divine light – the arutperumjyothi. It is this radiant force that orchestrates our every action and thought, transcending the illusion of individual agency. Only upon attaining mind emptiness can we truly perceive the divine conductor at work, guiding us along the intricate tapestry of existence.

Witnessing the Divine Light

In the state of mind emptiness, the veils of illusion are lifted, revealing the resplendent arutperumjyothi in all its glory. It is a sublime moment of transcendence, where the boundaries of self dissolve, and we become one with the divine essence permeating the cosmos.


The journey to mind emptiness is not merely a philosophical concept; it is a profound spiritual odyssey that beckons us to explore the depths of our being. Through silence, introspection, and communion with the soul, we unravel the mysteries of existence and embrace the divine light that guides us on our path. May we embark on this transformative journey with open hearts and receptive minds, for in the pursuit of mind emptiness lies the ultimate liberation of the soul.