Through any product, any food, any person, any human being that you come across in this world, no matter what object, what food, what person, what sight, what sound, it cannot provide you with constant pleasure. Even if you keep thinking about it repeatedly, constantly desiring it, it won’t fulfill you. For example, when you consume the same food continuously, without any change, will satisfy you. Any disease will come if you consume it excessively. Indeed, it is poison. A neutron will provide me with life energy, we are attentive to that. When my energy goes, this life force experiences this body’s mortality.

What are you striving for?

You will become a slave to the manifestations. Personality does not require spending money. No matter how much love you receive, you cannot attain the subject. True Love is like nectar. If you receive it, you will experience the subject. You cannot attain a personality no matter how much you strive. Personality becomes a burden to the subject.

Do you want fame or recognition?

If I were to experience all this fame and recognition, it would not bring me true fulfillment. I have reached my limits and accomplished everything. Even if I try to act according to my desires, I won’t find satisfaction. It simply longs to exist as a self-contained entity and eventually fades away. Even in its fading, satisfaction remains elusive.

However, we can delve into the meaning, analyze our experiences, provide spiritual guidance, and gather strength. We can aspire to transcend the cycle of rebirth and attain a state of spiritual elevation. So, what will you do to rejuvenate yourself? Within every soul, life itself is a living journey. By nurturing the essential essence of our souls, we can transcend worldly concerns and dwell in a divine state without succumbing to temptation or downfall.

When you act based on your mind, you cannot achieve true happiness. The ego is what grows, and you don’t even realize that it’s the ego. If there is a good thought, we will be fine, but you won’t understand that. Because of that, our conversation is causing us trouble. We should have a discussion to understand each other and be happy. By coming together, we can find the secret of happiness. But if we keep talking and arguing without understanding, we will destroy ourselves. Wherever you receive benefits from, you should remember and appreciate it. Money is not everything; I lived with sorrow when we couldn’t find happiness that way. It’s like a great illusion that deceives us. Please think about where your gratitude comes from and be generous to your children.