Does the curse come true? The curses come true when the cursers do it genuinely. They do it when they are hurt till the bottom of the heart and soul. Wherein if someone curses just simply it is not a curse instead the person does that purposely from mere jealousy. You don’t have to worry when you are getting cursed by someone out of jealousy.

Reason for getting cursed

What is a curse? Why a person curses the other? Does the person curse out of jealousy? Curse is instinctively and inherently wishing an individual to face consequences. When you don’t get proper recognition in spite of putting in hard work or when you are hurt deep-hearted you curse others. Meanwhile, you always don’t have to say it out loud in order to curse someone. If something happens against you or if someone grievously betrays you, you break down and curse that respective person. The curse coming from righteous indignation is powerful and affects the responsible person.

Justice and Injustice

For example, many robbers, thieves, gangsters, and mobsters realize their mistakes and wish to live peaceful life. A person should definitely follow justice, and morality in order to live a peaceful life. If someone does injustice to you or steals your recognition or owns your intellectual property it seems as if they are winning. But they are actually getting your curses. The concerned person will get punishments so you don’t have to sit and worry about it.

Blessings and curses

Henceforth what is a curse? If someone curses deep-heartedly or if a betrayal hurts an individual, it is called a curse. The curses won’t happen to those who take the right path and do justice. You will face the consequences of being cursed or not if you do injustice and hurt any individuals. Likewise, the blessing is not materialistic it is the one you receive from God. When you receive God’s blessing your curses will be nullified. So, whenever you do something do it legitimately or legally so that you will never get cursed.

Therefore, follow morality, do justice, and be lovely to everyone. You will receive blessings and can lead a peaceful life.