Let’s see how to develop a healthy food habits. We are near Khwaja Gharib Nawaz Dargah Sharif in Rajasthan. It has the grave of the revered Sufi saint, Moinuddin, and Chishti. This place has a very good positive vibration. We shall now see about how to follow healthy food habits and what to be consumed to live a healthy lifestyle.

Why you should not skip meals?

Generally, every individual should be health conscious and should consume food with high-rich vitamins. Especially a person who follows yoga should be much more conscious. Most people who practice yoga regularly might feel replete and don’t feel hungry. But you should not skip food at any cost and should take it as you are practicing powerful yoga. Though you eat half the capacity of the stomach you should not skip a meal. In those days, most people used to take only two meals. It was not considered an issue because the food habits, pesticides, quality of the food everything was different. But in the current era, it is not so as the food is contaminated. Hence, it is a must to eat all three meals without skipping them.

How to brighten our Soul?

The great poet Manikkavacakar says that our bodies will shrink as much as to brighten and light up our souls. Likewise, how much ever the soul is been brightened we could able to develop foreseeing and other amazing skills. In order to get those skills, our will shrink to get that immense energy. While practicing this yoga, our body will become more week so it is must to consume enough food.

Which has more Nutritional value?

You can add cereals to your diet but ensure to take more vegetables. Focus on the food that you eat and be health conscious. The number of vegetables and fruits you take should be equal to the quantity of rice. Look at the vitamins, proteins, and other nutritional contents and consume food accordingly. The significance of yoga practice is to brighten our souls which isn’t possible without staying physically healthy. You can add dry fruits to your diet and especially eat more guavas and bananas. Bananas help you regain your energy instantly. If you can get organic fruits you can consume them which is healthier. There is a difference of 30 to 40 percent fewer nutrients in the inorganic fruits. In most cases the inorganic produce is okay too but you must take fruits.

Healthy lifestyle and Food habits

You can consume food that has rich proteins and fiber content. In addition, you can consume anything with more nutritional value. Importantly you can drink coconut milk regularly which has more health benefits. The food we take is the best medicine so check and eat healthy food. Also, add spinaches to your meal often. You ensure to reduce taking food from hotels and take homemade food. If in some unavoidable situation, order food with more proteins and vitamins from hotels. You also can take more grains and pulses like horse gram, mung bean, and butter beans. To win in Yoga life, health is very significant.

Food is Medicine

Don’t consume more rice; take as many vegetables and fruit salads as possible. Make the food you consume as medicine. For example, if you need Vitamin A, C and B eat food that is rich in that, and so on. You can eat whatever you like but eat the one which protects your body. The food you eat should contain potassium, iron, calcium, and magnesium contents. You can mix False daisy, Vallara keerai, Thuthuvalai, Ponnanganni, and Puliyarai mix with ghee and take it regularly which is more beneficial. Apart from taking this mix, you can eat food very consciously by looking at the nutritional contents.

Why chewing is important?

Spirituality is the combination of body, mind, and spirit. It is very mandatory to care for your body and protect it. Consume fruits and vegetables as much as possible. You should chew thoroughly and eat to promote your health. When you chew your food properly, your body releases saliva, which helps break down your food. By then you can follow healthy food habits and healthy lifestyle.