Let us see about spirituality and its journey. You can get divinity only through spirituality. Divine spirituality is being merciful toward others and considering all living things as ours. It is very serene and insightful. We might face a lot of challenges and obstacles when we go on a spiritual journey. But we need to stay focused and not get distracted by the situations in order to progress on the spiritual path. It cant be achieved through blessings or prayers to God alone. We need to set spiritual goals and put in hard work in order to achieve them.


Blessing is a supportive thing. For example, you initially have to lift a sack by yourself then blessings help you to lift it completely. Everything won’t happen like magic through blessings without your own support.

Sins and life intentions

Spirituality is life oriented with philosophy. You cannot easily live a spiritual life irrespective of the number of sins you have done so far in your life. You will feel the happiest at some times. Life gives you everything you wish for and then teaches you the lesson for all the sins you have committed. Ultimately everything turns upside down and you will leave worried. You are the only one to change your life. You have to first know the intentions of your life. Once you set intentions then you can connect to your heart’s deepest desire.

Willpower to progress spiritual journey

Firstly, in order to take a spiritual journey you should have willpower both physically and mentally. If you don’t have enough willpower then you will easily get distracted by all the beautiful things around you. To some extent, the world itself seems to be becoming more alluring and diverts you completely. Despite everything that happens around you, you should revert back considering that God is only significant to you. And you should start practicing the spiritual journey.

Special Powers

Make your life a progression and deal everything with spirituality. Always be merciful towards others and at the same time don’t harm your own life. This character of yours will definitely take you to the next level and helps you to progress on your spiritual path. The good things wont happen to you if you choose the wrong path. Some people who made mistakes may feel that God will bless them with good fortunes if they help needy. But it is not so. God will send someone to teach them the lesson for their mistakes. For example, Naragasura and Padmasura did meditation for years to receive special powers. Since they used the powers to harm others, God sent right person to kill them and save people.

Prayers to God to achieve spirituality

Your soul and body everything should follow spiritual path. You should have strong will power and should not step backwards once you choose the spiritual path. Some people asked me why I share videos every day. The reason why I put videos is I am true to myself and do justice to the work I do. I like to share as many videos as possible to everyone and help you with spirituality. Likewise though people praise you or not you do your work for yourself and follow the same despite struggles. The most important thing is don’t get distracted at any point of time. Alongwith pray God everyday not to get distracted from spiritual path. God blessings will definitely help you to achieve your prayers and attain spirituality.