Today we are going to find out whether someone genuinely cares and adores us. Are they stowing something in mind and speaking something else? This thing applies to married couples, friends, loving couples, and parents also. Let’s look into this matter with a deep approach to what true love looks like.

What is Love?

Love is a complex emotion that can be expressed in many different ways. It is often described as a feeling of deep affection and care for another person. Love can be romantic, platonic, or familial. “Love and care will be expressed in many ways: small talk, body language, and even the way they look at each other”.

Numerous couples that genuinely love one another are getting married as well. The real question is, “Are they getting unconditional love throughout their life?” The answer is “No“. The absence of unconditional love is provoking unwanted issues between married couples and also couples who are in a relationship.

Signs of True Love

Today you should be conscious of what real love looks like, and I would like to give some tips on the same in a more generalized manner rather than the spiritual approach. The first thing about love is if a person loves you, they will try to talk to you always, it doesn’t have to be a sensible conversation, and it doesn’t need to be a useful one. They simply want to talk to you about anything if the vibe matches and the Aura of you are inclined with each other. Their mind experiences pure blissfulness, and they try to talk even if there is any valid reason to talk. They want to be with you, and wherever you go, they want to spend more time with you.

Making You Feel Loved

You can recognize that someone is clamouring for your love and attention if they want to chat with you about something, even when there is nothing to talk about. In addition to their time, they want to give you a gift or make you an offer that will make you feel honoured and cherished. Some people will give you expensive gifts in an effort to impress you with their material wealth. However, a loving person won’t give you something materialistic, even if it’s something you’d like, like a watch, outfit, or anything else that would make you feel good about yourself.

Even if you didn’t ask for anything, they would know the things you like, they understand what will bring you happiness, and they want to give you those things, it doesn’t have to be an expensive gift it could be a small talk, it could be your favourite meal, or it could be a favourite colour dress, etc. They crave your presence, they give you gifts not with the intention of impressing you, their love is unconditional, and in return, they expect only your love; they try to express their love by giving something with pure intentions.

Making Time For You

People with pure intentions will give you love in return. They expect your love only, nothing more than that. They are even delighted by your presence, you don’t have to do anything at all, and your simple presence will elevate their energy. If two like-minded people sit with each other, even if there is no valuable thing to talk about, the conversation will build itself, and both of them will enjoy each other’s company.

On the other hand, if the aura doesn’t match, the conversation will not be a pleasant one, and it will eventually end up in conflict even without saying a word. You can understand their state of mind with their presence, and this is the power of two souls aligning with each other. This unconditional love is felt while two souls are connected with each other, and the mere companionship and the conversation built by itself will be a beautiful one. These moments are much needed for cherishing the souls.

Respecting You

If the person truly loves you, they don’t want to keep you inside the boundaries made by them, and they won’t inflict pain on you by trying to control each and every action. In a day that contains 24 hours, normal human beings will be in an awareness state for a maximum of 3 hours. Even in this awareness state also, they will think about you and expect your presence. Even if they do not express their thoughts to you, they will constantly think of you and admire you to others in a positive manner.

In fact, a lot of them even criticize you, not because they mean to but because they want your love. If you start to reciprocate the love, all the negative things will become positive. Exponentially
the person who loves you truly will always expect your presence at all of their important moments. Sustaining eye contact when conversing is absolutely necessary because someone who truly loves you will speak to you in a way that strengthens your relationship.

Communication is Key

A conversation with your partner can elevate your mind and mood and bring you blissfulness without talking much. You can witness and experience this through their eyes when communicating. Eye contact is a dignified way of articulating. Additionally, eye contact helps us convey positive energy and enhances conversational elegance. You can read a lot into someone’s eyes during a conversation. Nevertheless, you can only fully comprehend what a person’s eyes can convey via personal experience.

In a conversation, it’s of the utmost significance to read the other person’s intentions through their body language, eye contact, and speech. Above all else, the person who loves you with no condition will never let you down and perpetually speak highly of you, even if you two might have controversies. The disagreements will also be kept between each one of you.

Being Supportive

They won’t feel jealous of you and instead will feel happier than you when you succeed. They will feel glad for you if you receive a compliment or if anything else good happens to you.
Love acknowledges no boundaries, but I’ve offered a few suggestions on how to tell when someone exhibits the affection you love in a manner that is less extravagant.


Practice “Paramporul Vilakku Dhiyanam“, as I always advise you to. Please put this into practice to become divine. You can experience enlightenment once you have attained this divineness or celestial status. Regular application will make it possible for you to comprehend not just the mysteries of love but also those of the cosmos. This will lead you to wisdom.