In the grand tapestry of existence, we are all born with a purpose, a spiritual quest to reach the divine. This journey towards God is not devoid of joy; in fact, it is through the pursuit of happiness that we find ourselves on this path. To truly enjoy life, one must embrace a state of neutrality, akin to connecting the dots in a painting to reveal the bigger picture, a state we call wisdom. In this blog, we will explore the notion that fear is the biggest obstacle on this journey, and by looking at life from different angles, we can liberate ourselves from the stress and depression caused by our fear of societal norms and laws. Let’s dive into this transformative journey together.

The Art of Living Neutrally:

Imagine life as a series of dots, each representing a moment in time. Connecting these dots is the essence of wisdom. To live a happy and fulfilled life, one must learn to enjoy each dot while not being overly attached to it. This detachment allows us to traverse life’s ups and downs with grace.

Fear: The Silent Destroyer:

Fear, often stemming from our adherence to societal norms and laws, is the silent destroyer of our happiness. We fear judgment, failure, and consequences. This fear manifests as stress and depression, hindering our journey to wisdom and spiritual growth.

Shifting Perspectives:

To break free from the cycle of fear and stress, we must shift our perspective. Instead of solely viewing life through the lens of societal laws, we should explore alternative viewpoints. There is a world beyond these confines, and by venturing outside the circle of conformity, we can truly live.

Taming Desire:

Material desires are often the root cause of our suffering. When we attach our happiness to possessions or people, only a fraction of it is genuine joy, while the rest is problems and anxieties. To liberate ourselves, we must reassess our desires and be prepared to face the consequences.

The Journey Within:

The path to liberation lies within ourselves. By introspection and self-awareness, we can embark on this transformative journey. It is not wrong to enjoy life’s pleasures, but it’s essential not to become engulfed by them.

True Happiness Lies Beyond:

In this world, what appears to bring happiness often falls short of delivering lasting fulfillment. When we grasp this truth, we ascend to the realm of wisdom, where happiness is not dependent on external factors.


Life is a profound journey towards wisdom and, ultimately, union with the divine. Fear, rooted in societal norms, can be our greatest impediment. By shifting our perspectives, taming desires, and embarking on a journey of self-discovery, we can break free from the shackles of fear and attain true happiness and wisdom. Remember, the pursuit of happiness is not wrong, but it should be undertaken with the understanding that real happiness lies beyond the material world. As we navigate this path, we inch closer to the wisdom that connects the dots of our existence and guides us towards liberation.