In the realm of politics, there are few individuals who leave an indelible mark in the society. One such luminary is K. Kamaraj, known as the “Karmaveerar” or the “Kingmaker” of Tamil Nadu. Despite his lack of formal education, Kamaraj’s visionary leadership and commitment to improving people’s lives have earned him a revered place in history. His yogic lifestyle, simplicity, and unwavering focus on education have transformed countless lives and continue to inspire generations.

The Lunch Program: A Revolutionary Step

In an era where child labor and deprivation were rampant, Kamaraj recognized the dire need for educational opportunities for all children. He astutely observed that many children were compelled to work to earn their daily sustenance, leaving little time or resources for education. Determined to break this cycle, Kamaraj introduced the groundbreaking lunch program for students in government schools across Tamil Nadu. This initiative provided a free mid-day meal to students, incentivizing them to attend school and pursue their studies. The program proved to be a game-changer, encouraging more children to choose education over labor.

Kamaraj’s Love for the People:

Kamaraj’s enduring legacy lies in his profound love for the people. His humility, down-to-earth nature, and genuine concern for the welfare of every individual set him apart as a compassionate leader. Throughout his political career, Kamaraj remained resolute in his goal of uplifting the lives of the marginalized and disadvantaged. His policies and initiatives aimed at eradicating poverty, improving healthcare, and enhancing social infrastructure earned him the unwavering trust and admiration of the people.

The Importance of Education:

Kamaraj was a firm believer that education was the key to individual and societal progress. He understood that education was the foundation upon which wisdom and enlightenment were built. In a rapidly evolving world, he recognized that acquiring knowledge and skills was crucial for personal growth and empowerment. Kamaraj’s unwavering emphasis on education laid the groundwork for transforming Tamil Nadu into an educational hub and empowered countless individuals to rise above their circumstances.

Kamaraj’s Birthday: A Celebration of His Legacy:

Every year, on the 15th of July, Kamaraj’s birthday is celebrated to honor his remarkable contributions. This day serves as a reminder of his enduring principles and inspires individuals to emulate his spirit of service and commitment to education. To commemorate this occasion, organizations like the Paramporul Foundation have taken numerous initiatives to financially support and assist those who face barriers to education. These efforts aim to carry forward Kamaraj’s vision of a society where education is accessible to all, regardless of their socio-economic background.


K. Kamaraj’s story is a testament to the power of determination, compassion, and visionary leadership. His ability to bring about transformative change without formal education showcases the depth of his wisdom and innate understanding of the needs of the people. Kamaraj’s introduction of the lunch program, his love for the people, and his relentless focus on education have left an indelible impact on Tamil Nadu’s socio-political landscape. As we commemorate his birthday each year, let us remember and honor his legacy by continuing to prioritize education as the cornerstone of a brighter, more equitable future.