In our fast-paced world, our minds often wander into unnecessary thoughts, replaying bad memories and visualizing negative scenarios. This can be dangerous and harmful to our mental well-being. It is essential to control our knowledge and quiet our minds to achieve inner peace.

The Danger of Unnecessary Thoughts

Uncontrolled thoughts can be damaging. When our mind revisits bad memories or shows us negative visuals, it causes us pain. The key to overcoming this is to either distract the mind or to provide it with a firm solution that satisfies the mind such that it would not bring up the same memories again. By doing so, we can prevent these memories from affecting our mental state.

Speaking to the Mind

When your mind starts to generate unwanted thoughts, it’s crucial to intervene. Speak to your mind and ask it to be quiet. Convince it to calm down or become empty. This practice can help you manage your thoughts better and prevent negative memories from taking over.

Dealing with Unexpected Memories

Often, when we try to follow a normal path and forget about the painful memories, they resurface unexpectedly. This can happen when our willpower is low. During these times, our minds may bring up bad memories and thoughts. It’s important to speak to your mind and calm it down, reinforcing the habit of managing your thoughts.

The Habit of Self-Realization

Convincing your mind to be calm whenever it arises with questions or unwanted thoughts is a habit that requires practice. By consistently answering your mind and redirecting it towards calmness, you can change your mental state. This process is a journey of self-realization.

Understanding the Temporary Nature of the Physical World

We are born into this world to realize that the physical realm is temporary, and the divine is the true, permanent reality. By focusing on this understanding, we can better manage our thoughts and achieve a state of inner peace.