While great scientists in India have made significant discoveries, there’s often a stark contrast in the perceived sources of their achievements compared to those in America. Many in America attribute their successes to the blessings of Jesus Christ, whereas in India, the credit is often given to personal hard work. This difference in mindset plays a crucial role in the energy and motivation of individuals.

The Source of True Energy

When you place yourself at the forefront, your energy diminishes. Conversely, when you put God first, you tap into a divine source of energy. The countries that emphasize spiritual teachings, support a natural way of life, and focus on attaining liberation (mukti) are those that achieve greatness. Bhutan is a prime example of such a nation.

Feeding the Soul: The Importance of Spiritual Nourishment

Just as the stomach produces acid to digest food and convert it into energy, our soul also requires nourishment. This nourishment comes from listening to the truth. Attending satsang (spiritual gatherings), being compassionate, and following principles like jeevakarunyaolukkam (compassion towards all living beings) are crucial for spiritual growth.

Shifting Focus to God

To truly succeed and attain liberation, it’s essential to shift our focus from ourselves to God. It’s not enough to merely profess a desire to reach the divine; our mind must genuinely seek it. God sees the truth within us and acknowledges our sincere efforts.

The Path to Mukti

Accepting our mistakes, following an honest path, and being ready to face the divine call at any moment are steps towards attaining mukti. When we live with such integrity and readiness, God forgives our missteps and grants us liberation.


Living a life focused on spiritual growth and divine connection not only brings personal peace but also contributes to the prosperity and strength of a nation. We can achieve true and lasting success by prioritizing God and spiritual values.