Recently, the intersection of technology and spirituality came to light when the Brazilian government compelled Apple to include chargers with iPhones, drawing a fascinating parallel between our physical devices and the essence of the soul. Spirituality often draws allegories from everyday occurrences, using them as metaphors to decipher deeper truths about life.

The iPhone Analogy: Body, Soul, and Mind Connection:

In spirituality, the body is likened to an iPhone, with the charging point representing the soul. Just as the soul powers the mind, which in turn operates the body, we, as humans, often neglect the “charger,” our soul. This neglect lies at the heart of our problems – a disconnection from our spiritual essence.

Karma Siddhi and the Creation of New Realities:

The concept of Karma Siddhi denotes the completion of a task leading to the creation of something new. It’s akin to how humanity invents and innovates, but in a spiritual context, it’s much more profound. Understanding and harnessing Karma Siddhi involves delving into the nature of the soul.

Thiruchitrambalam Education and Soul Awareness:

Thiruchitrambalam Education emphasizes learning about the soul. The soul, often referred to as the God particle, resides between the eyebrows, known as arutperumjyothi. Gaining wisdom involves unlocking this inner knowledge, accessible through practices like devotion, meditation, and compassion towards all living beings. w

Unleashing Divine Powers through Selflessness:

As one progresses on this spiritual journey, the soul begins to radiate brighter, granting access to divine powers. Shedding arrogance and ego in favor of love and compassion is pivotal to reaching a divine state. This shift in consciousness enables the attainment of true wisdom, leading to a harmonious mingling with the divine.

Thirukalyanam: Merging with Divine Wisdom:

The ancient concept of thirukalyanam signifies the profound union of understanding the body, soul, and the universe. It’s through comprehending the essence of both our physical and spiritual existence that we unravel the mysteries of the cosmos.


Learning about the intricate connection between the body, soul, and the universe offers a gateway to spiritual enlightenment. By nurturing our souls through practices of devotion, meditation, and compassion, we embark on a transformative journey, unlocking divine wisdom and experiencing a profound connection with the universe.

In essence, the true essence of life lies not just in the physical realm but in the exploration and understanding of the soul that powers our existence, enabling us to tap into realms of infinite wisdom and divine connection.